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  1. The cables Apple supply with their product are known to wear, sometimes invisibly, but usually at the plug end. I use more robust cables purchased on Amazon.
  2. As I have alluded to before, I suspect the ability of many in the dealers having the ability to do some of the tasks that can’t be diagnosed or sorted by plugging in their computer. A friend fits tow bars. He often has main dealers sending their cars to him to fit the tow bar because they lack the expertise. They then add an exorbitant amount on the bill to their customer for not doing the work! A worse scenario was a lady with a brand new Ford. She turned up at my friends saying she ordered the new car with a tow bar fitted. She found the battery in the caravan is not being charged properly. She has had it back to her dealer a couple of times and they cannot work out why. Ford sent an expert up to look at it who said it can’t be done. My friend put it right for her in ten minutes. The dealer did though pay the bill!!
  3. I bought my new Aygo X this year and see my local dealer charges £220 for an intermediate service (around €252) and £320 for a major service. I am not convinced a lot is done other than plug the car into a computer for it to check what may need attention, change the oil and kick the tyres. A friend and I discussed this subject last week, he has bought a new Jaguar FPace, his business is such that he can do his own servicing and most repairs and tells me little is involved in these “mandatory” services. Fortunately Toyota gave me a special deal to reduce the servicing costs for three years - I pay £160 each year. With my first car, a Triumph Herald, I did my own servicing. It was straightforward. We seem to be in an era though where many are no longer attending to simple jobs around the house. I listened to a discussion on the radio yesterday on this subject. It is surprising how many pay for somebody to bleed their radiators and the interviewer knew nothing about the need to do that!
  4. The problem I have hit is when it asks for a note of the previous reg number there never was one and it does recognise the car. However most times I am getting insurance quotes and there is a work around.
  5. Not unusual. I still find with some sites they think my car is not an Aygo X but one I sold in March last. Even my dealer queried my car when I provided the number and it came up on their system as the previous one. This is despite the same dealer being the one who registered my Aygo in September last, put the plates on etc.! DVLC seem to update quickly but I suspect some sites use older saved copies of the data.
  6. Thanks for the help here. I shall go back to the dealer and wake him up.
  7. My Aygo is an X Exclusive with the JBL sound system. I ordered from Toyota the rubber boot liner. It came today. It does not fit. I went back to the dealer who assured me it does as they had put in a few already. He tried and failed. The boot liner’s depth is slightly too much and it buts up against the backs of the rear seats. The next bit does not make sense. The chap trying to fit it said it was because the rear seats are moved slightly further forward to accommodate the JBL woofer in the boot. It does not make sense for two reasons. One is if the seats were further forward and thus the boot bigger then the boot liner would have fitted as more space is provided for it. The other is it is not the woofer as that sits below floor level in the boot. The normal floor mat that comes with the car lies flat, the woofer does not affect it. Thus it seems there is a variation in boot sizes. Or I could have a lemon and something went wrong during manufacture that made the boot slightly shorter in length. the dealer has reverted back to Toyota for advice.
  8. On buying my Aygo X I subscribed to a 3 year subscription to cover the costs of servicing for 3 years. It was a special offer subsidised by Toyota with the promotion of the X. £15 per month. The Toyota dealer charge for an intermediate service is £220 thus a gain for me from day one. Whilst there is merit in using the main dealer take care with what they recommend needs doing on a service. With a previous car they tried to get me to buy new tyres when the MOT was due. National Tyres checked and said I was OK for quite some time. I was also advised at another time the suspension was corroding and would need sorting. Again at great cost. I got it done at National Tyres (Halfords). A good friend of mine took his Toyota in to the dealer recently for its MOT. It failed. He was told the suspension needed replacing at a cost of £900. He accepted this in good faith but the dealer did not have the parts. He waited but it got too close to the expiry of the MOT and still no parts at the dealer. He went to another franchise, not Toyota, who carried out MOTs. It passed. He told them about the suspension. They advised it was showing some wear but not enough to be dangerous or to fail the MOT. He asked about doing it believing there would be a delay as the main dealer was not able to get the parts yet. No problem, within a couple of days, and using Toyota parts. Whilst the dealer unite rightly points out items that are wearing and may need attention it seems they do it in a way to convince a customer it has to be done now. I suspect all other main dealers with different makes do the same.
  9. Not quite on the the subject but when I went 5o ad£ two new tyres to our old 13 year old Aygo before it was sold the dealer advised a cheaper tyre telling me they find with small cars like the Aygo customers generally get more wear from the cheaper ones.
  10. The problem often is the sound seems to come from a different place to the source. Recently on a long journey a noise started up appearing to come from the rear near side door or window, it seemed like a rattle but I thought it may be wind noise. A couple of days later I started touching things I could reach. The culprit was my wife’s small metal box of mints with only a couple left in it. Nowhere near the rear door but in the front cup holder in the central console.
  11. The worst car I ever had for smells, well smell retention was a Mazda. If an occupant broke wind the smell could linger for three days!😂💨
  12. I am not sure how many miles are left in the tank is displayed on older Aygos, it is with the current model. Like others I rely on that more than what the gauge says. I also note the mpg figure given is slightly optimistic compared to actual miles travelled and the volume of the fill up. I fill to the top each time to ensure a more accurate reading. I know, there are different schools of thought on doing that, but it’s an easy way to check.
  13. I have done it. Simply put you set the cruise control and let the car do its stuff. However, I am not a fan. It can be too easy to be diverted. Also the adaptive part is a pain in the rear end. Annoyingly so. I messed about with cruise control last week on an hour’s journey all motorway. I set the control to 70 mph. If a car overtakes you and pulls in front the system sees it and then brakes. There is usually no point in it braking for the car in front is going faster and is pulling away from you. Also if you have it on and you are slowed down because of a vehicle in front but then turn off the motorway up a slip road, the car sees nothing in front and puts the pedal to the metal. Very disconcerting. I understand that if I hold the button down for some time it will switch off this part of the cruise control and give the basic plain version. I must try it today.
  14. The manual seems comprehensive. It is not how my dealer installed all of it though, nor for my previous Toyota. The dealer took the easy route of taking power from the fuse box under the dashboard in the passenger side footwell. The power is piggy backed onto an existing connection point with I suspect the power that feeds the 12v socket. The result is the cover does not fit back on the fuse box. I must have a look some time to see if I can make it neater.
  15. Yes it is possible if you can find a permanently live output on the fuse gang or take a live feed from the battery. Not something I would do though as, as has been said already, the phone will charge quickly anyway. I use a QuadLock case for my iPhone and installed the QuadLock dash mount for it with the MAG charger built in. That is plugged into the USB socket and the wire is more or less hidden. It all looks neat a discrete. The mount is on my right side above the air vent. The phone charges quickly. I can charge it from the Qi pad in the central console but rarely bother.
  16. Got the dealer to install mine. It’s a Nextbase one with a rear camera as well. It will have been wired in to a connection that only comes live when the ignition is on. It is not intrusive with respect to vision etc.
  17. Toyota made contact with my local dealer and they asked me yesterday to take the car in. They are only 1.5 miles from me. They were surprised to find that navigation sound when operated does not mute other sound playing in order to give it precedence. They came to the conclusion there is nothing they can do about it. I have suggested they report back to Toyota for they to investigate doing a software update to enable the feature. At present I have had to set the navigation sound high but it is too high if the radio is not playing anything other media. Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody can drown it out though!
  18. My stop start worked from day one. It is not though a smooth operation. It reengages noisily and with a *****. With my previous vehicles it was a gentle start up.
  19. Thanks for all your replies and suggestions. The Lane Assist I am stuck with. Every time I start the car I have to switch it off. With cruise control my best bet is probably to adjust the sensitivity, which I had left where it was. I have tried holding the button down but perhaps for not long enough. The navigation sound i think is a software failing. It should take precedence over other sound playing. It doesn’t. Strange as all other cars i have had that happened and my local Toyota dealer is surprised it does not take precedence.
  20. Three queries. I am enjoying my 2022 Aygo X Exclusive but…. A pain in the butt is the lane control setting. I have found I can switch it off by holding down the button for 5 seconds but have to do it every time I start the car. Is there a way to turn it off permanently. It is a complete nuisance to have. I have cruise control. It works but it insists on slowing the car down if it thinks the car in front is too close. It’s awful to keep experiencing. If a car overtakes you and pulls in front if you are on cruise control the car slows when there is no need to do it. Is there a way of switching this off? Again it’s a pain. The third one is the sound for the navigation system. With other cars I have had using the Sat Nav it has the voice telling you what to do cutting out anything else that is playing so it takes precedence. It normally reduces the sound from any other device so that you can hear the directions. I can adjust the volume for it in settings but then it’s so loud it is too intrusive. Is there a setting I am missing.
  21. Toyota came back to me this morning wanting me to take the car in, but this morning it started to work properly again. I doubt they will find a fault if it’s working. They probably would hardly try. I am also not convinced the local dealer will have people with the expertise to handle this aspect. I could be wrong. Anyway, it works again! For how long?!
  22. I got quotes for a new boiler last year, several. It was not the price that bugged me but all bar one knew how a boiler is set up and what settings are needed to achieve the 90% + efficiency they are rated at. I did not use that one because he did not install the boiler I wanted. I found a manufacturer’s recommended installer and I had to tell him to change the settings to obtain maximum efficiency! 95% or more of installers I understand do not set up the boiler properly when they finish. Hey, I have digressed for this forum! Spat my dummy out though!!
  23. Thanks. I have already reported it in (yesterday) and await a response. When the navigation system worked it was much better than my previous Toyota (CH-R).
  24. I have had my first long journeys in the Aygo X Exclusive and used the navigation app. The first of such journeys was just on an hour each way. No problems. The next was a two hour journey each way. Over two days. After about 1.5 hours the navigation screen then said it had no contact . A red cross appeared on the cloud icon. Stopping and starting changed nothing and what was worse it happened at a crucial point of the journey when I need it. However, I swapped to using CarPlay and the map app on the iPhone. That worked. The next morning the navigation app worked. But again after about 1.5 hours it lost contact again and I reverted to my iPhone. This morning doing a factory reset did not seem to achieve anything. But a second reset and it connected to my house WiFi. It seemed to work but I suspect it will fail again. Something I need to report in but I wonder if anybody here has had this problem?
  25. There is a misconception having a long warranty is of some immense value. Usually they give you little more than you have anyway under current legislation.
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