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  1. Havent been on here for a few years.Ive gone to the dark side on my second bmw now .

  2. Oh My god they only offered me £5600 for my tsport as part ex.42000 miles and leather mind you it is going in about 4 weeks I want a change
  4. Hello My t sport needs a new clutch appart from toyota where could I get 1?? HELLLPPP cheers
  5. Hi Mat Yes I bought a 1995 diesel 4x4. Thinking of putting a v8 into it a friend did it to his and said its well worth it
  6. Thanks Andy Do you know what year the turbo diesel model came in ?
  7. Im thinking about buying a hi lux.A few questions for all the owners on here Does it have 4 or 5 gears? If it used to be 4 gears what year did it change? When I go to look for one any bad points I should look out for? THanks Guys when I bought my corolla this site was the one I found all the info from Hope its the same again Phil :bookworm:
  8. Gordy Try scan.co.uk Always good prices and they have a today only page with good deals m8
  9. They appeal to my 11 month old son . What does that say about the people who buy them?Must be lots who do or they wouldnt advertise on tv
  10. Just wondering as above . is there a way to have a mods league table :P Who is the Graham Poll of the mods and whos the Collina??? Go on should be fun
  11. And they eat more doughnuts :P :P :P :P
  12. Yes our police are awesome the second you are speeding they catch you. Its not so good if you beat up old people or any other crime.
  13. U can use it from your xbox how cool is that
  14. Just like to say good luck to scotland for next sat !!!!!!!! :P :P :P WALES WALES WALES
  15. Wales Played 3 Won 3 England Played 3 Won (pmsl) 0
  16. Look out for the new T Sport supercharged!!!!! THats the 1 u want
  17. I have an old tsport but I like the new black 1 looks the dogs
  18. "As long as we beat the english we dont care" Dont you just love that song
  19. Good Luck mate.My boy is 8 months old an the best thing thats ever happened.Havent had many sleepless nights hope your as lucky.ps make sure you get a 4 door car much easier than 2 doors.
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