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  1. Turn by turn in the HUD is a brilliant feature. I have it showing mph and hsi in HUD normally and I get the turn signals in time with the voice guidance, love it. Shame if they took it off I personally wouldn't change unless it was for a 3 year old PIP, even then it would be a tough call. Im getting 70mpg and all is great so far. Changing to get another 20-40mpg (possibly more) is an expensive change. I will likely wait for the next gen
  2. Congratulations on your new car, sounds like you are getting good mileage already. Be happy with 45mpg in town on short stop start, it's very decent especially as your old car got mpg in the teens. I have another car that gets 12mpg on short journeys. Drive it normally with some minor adjustments and you will be looking at a nice further boost in mpg. Do not drive it slow. Get up to speed as quick as possible without over fuelling. Don't be scared to use the pwr band if needed. I use it especially for higher speeds but try not to exceed past the end unless you are joining the m way etc. Keep speed steady, try not to vary the speed as slight accelerations interrupt the good efficiency. Then the only adjustment you need to make to your driving style really is the slowing down bit. The prius is pretty aerodynamic and providing the speed is under about 50mph, it will glide for quite some time on the flat and especially downhill. People practice this imagining they haven't got brakes "driving without brakes". You can do this and not annoy anyone as it looses speed very slowly (unless wind resistance hits and you are doing more than 50mph). You can even begin earlier by slightly reducing the throttle and bleed off tiny amounts of speed before you begin slowing down. As I get up to speed quick, I usually overshoot the posted limit but usually only by enough to keep me roughly within the 10%+2 gps true speed rule. If that makes sense. All you have to remember is check the hsi indicator and make sure you apply just enough throttle to make the indicator disappear or stay in the first quarter. Don't let it go into regen as the extra drag this creates slows you down more and is only useful downhill. I gradually got better mileage as I got used to it. Ironically I am now a faster driver and use ev less. It's true what they say, do not force ev. Just let it happen, by all means hang on to it but don't exhaust the battery extra fast by trying to stay under the middle line going up hill. Just use it when you can stay under about half way on the Eco zone of hsi. With tyres pumped up correctly you will roll/glide for ages on minimal battery at less than 40mph on good flat road. I seem to have no issues getting tank averages in the 67-71mpg range. It's incredible to get over 550miles on £48 of petrol. And I repeat you don't have to drive slow either! The only time mpg suffers is motorway. My routes don't include it. Wind resistance is unavoidable. However most motorway trips finish up at at least 64mpg provided there is some normal driving each end.
  3. I'm on some Michelin primacy tyres and unfortunately have a slow puncture in the rear tyre. I like to change in pairs and luckily they need doing. Surprised to see these tyres do very bad on the Eco rating What are really good Eco tyres for the prius. I'm on 17s and camskill give one tyre that is B rated on fuel. The hankook ventus prime 2 But independent reviews show it as average it Anyone had mpg success on new tyres. Prius is sensitive to conditions and change and don't want to go backwards with different tyres Thanks
  4. Update now i have finally got through a full tank after the partial tank I bought this car as a commuter and run around My other car is heavy on fuel so I care most about economy It has got me 593.8 miles, at averagd speed of 31mph and indicated 71mpg. Actual mpg is 67.9mpg Incredible. The summer temperature is optimal but it certainly seems the official mpg is within a cats whisker. This car gets slated for being way off, a lot do but my very first tank has worked out well for me.
  5. Is that only new cars or would my 2010 Gen 3 have this too? It has been serviced at the local toyota dealer every year so far. By continuing to do so am i extending the battery warranty?
  6. There must be a significant difference between the yaris and prius yet the official combined is about 70mpg for both? Haven't used my prius in a few days but a 30 mile mixed trip today got me 74mpg. Whilst it doesn't help the yaris drivers I simply can't understand why the difference is so big! I simply drove how I explained a page or 2 back in this thread. My tires are f rated for fuel, Michelin primacy so I might get better mpg with Eco tires. I have them at 40 psi and 38 psi rear, cold pressure slightly lower. I used the pwr range every time I accelerated apart from slow town traffic, quite a lot of ev use there.
  7. Yes mine came with non lrr tyres too - Michelin primacy which are apparently an F for fuel usage but pumped up to 40 & 38 rear I still get over 70mpg
  8. I have managed to exceed the manufacturers official average in nearly every car I've owned and I don't drive slow. Quite the opposite actually. Only cars I can't are the new eco diesels. My old t180 auris I simply couldn't and my prius after 3 weeks ownership I'm very close. My first full tank and I'm half way through and reading 67-68 mpg. Very close to the 70.4mpg average for the t-spirit. Over the first half tank I learnt quickly how to treat the hybrid system. I've added 10mpg onto my previous best efforts. I've experimented with slow and fast acceleration, throttle position, p&g, hill factoring, cruise and no cruise, EV forcing and EV avoidance. Probably more too. Simple principals as already mentioned is Don't try to trick the system to running on battery. Don't floor it Don't accelerate slow Don't brake at the last minute Don't p&g Don't glide just to have to accelerate again Don't glide to a stop Do glide but then go into energy recovery if stopping, maximise charge back into battery so energy is not taken from ICE Do glide downhill , avoid energy recovery here if not stopping (glide as in nothing showing on HSI) Do accelerate with reasonably quick speed, use 3/4 on HSI for flat ground quickish acceleration up to 40mph, use half way into PWR for higher speeds, gradually pulling back to 3/4 as you approach speed. Don't over speed to then glide, waste of energy especially at high speeds, you loose too much mph due to wind resistance. Therefore don't glide at speeds higher than 45mph unless it's downhill and speed can be maintained Do try to maximise the use of glide and foot off accelerator slow downs if you are approaching a junction but not at the expense of annoying people behind you. Slightly later glide and energy recovery slow down is nearly as good Do try to keep braking in energy recovery, ie not displaying full bar braking, trying to keep braking just under max to make sure you capture as much energy as possible Do try to use cruise control at every available opportunity even on slight hills For steep hills employ an approach to accelerate with 3/4 HSI before the hill, learn how much mph to go up that will allow you to bleed off speed to maintain about 50 mpg on instant readout whilst going up. Steeper longer hills might need +10mph at the foot. Very steep hills just maintain a steady throttle position. Cruise control is very effective, coupled with acceleration between 3/4 HSI (just under pwr) or going half way into pwr (before engine note changes) coupled with the most effective technique which is trying not to brake when coming to a stop (if you do use energy capture brakes), these together have produced very good mpg for me. Lifting off and forcing EV at 35 - 45mph and below is only effective for me if I know I have either a long stint at 50mph or above or I have a big regen opportunity coming up. Forcing EV and prolonging really doesn't help mileage. Just keep it in EV if you can maintain a speed that using the lower half of EV. For the borderline moments, around 40mph I typically switch between very minimal ICE usage, just over half way and glide. Glide on flat is still very effective at 40mph because there isn't as much air resistance. If I have a slight downhill I switch back to forcing EV if it doesn't come naturally as I know i can maintain speed on EV with either a glide or a tiny wedge to the left. The other thing worth mentioning is anticipation. Like with the hills use the gradients and set the speed accordingly using downhill and flats to your advantage. In town I like to use EV up to 10mph so use the cars in front to judge take off you are likely to be slower than the one immediately in front so leaving a bigger gap start rolling as you we cars in front of him start off. It's a bit of a trick but clearly you need to check the guy in front is paying attention. Also I like to use EV around roundabouts, stay in EV on the HSI and when ready immediately get into the acceleration phase. Don't slow transition it. All of that and I'm getting over 70mpg on my 25 mile mixed conditions commute. My average is bought down to 67mpg because my 1-2 mile trips are killed by the warm up process and no matter what 50-55mpg is the most I can achieve there.
  9. Agree totally a) trade in values are a joke! But i've also found this on other cars too. Generally i put the reg of any car i want to sell or even buy into we buy any car. It gives me a low end value. Trade in for part ex is usually 1k lower than this but its down to you to get a good purchase price. When i bought the prius i put in the WBAC value and 90% of dealers were 2k above the WBAC value. I offered 1k above and and got the car. Actually i got it for £700 above the WBAC value so did pretty well. But second hand prices aside (i had a auris from new a few years ago, that was 18k new T180 and i think i got 8k for it, something like that... years ago). Terrible really. Totally agree with the hybrid / electric concept. Well not even a concept, a proven success. I've driven the auris hybrid quite a bit and i've drive nearly every toyota diesel going as my wife works for toyota. I never got more than 57mpg out of the auris hybrid, think it was one of the earlier ones if that makes a difference. It certainly seemed less efficient than my prius. I'm chuffed to be getting over 70mpg on every longer journey now, 40-50mpg on my shorter and luckily infrequent ones. I was out today in my prius and it was 73mpg over 20 miles. I did a run out this evening in my wifes rav4 2.0 diesel which is the slower one that should do 57mpg i think. I managed 40mpg dead on, its long term average is 38mpg but when i drive it i can usually coax 40-42mpg out of it, a true combined. Although it will do 48mpg on a-roads. The difference is all those diesels get a true tank average of about 38-44mpg yet the prius seems to get at least 50 - 55mpg for most people and for me i'm getting a display average of 67mpg right now. My brother has a brand new Auris estate, fully loaded, extremely nice and he's getting mid 50's and he's still learning how to drive them. I think whilst not ultimately as capable at very high mpg's they are probably only 10% shy. Lexus c200h is very nice too but i think the ride is a bit of an issue. Leaf is very nice, a friend has one and for her job at the local hospital its more than capable of doing her commute and shopping trips into town but they do have a family estate for the longer trips. That is why i like the Prius, Auris Hybrid. I honestly don't think they can be beaten. Petrol, auto, incredible fuel economy, makes a lot of sense. Electric cars like the i3 rex are still very expensive. As i understand it you have had a bad experience with the prius which is a shame really but i can understand why you want something new. Despite the indifference, sticking with it is probably the best decision with your financial hat on, the cost to change probably far outweighs living with it.
  10. Ok it certainly isn't a squeak It certainly is a !Removed! noise. Very odd indeed!!!
  11. Very pleased, after some minor adjustments in driving style I'm now average 70+mpg on my 50 mile commute. Today I got 74mpg from stone cold. Great thing is I'm not driving super slow, acceleration is using half way into pwr if I need too which suits most following traffic apart from audis. I've adapted how I drive and when I got my prius 57-62mpg indicated was common, now +70mpg is happening most times I drive it apart from on the motorway.
  12. Yes it certainly seems like a very complex system. I was out tonight and had chance to run a few experiments which I couldn't resist. One was to see how far it would go on ev. I had a few miles of 30mph road with a loop back. I initially tried to press the ev mode button but it complained 30mph was too fast even thought the road was flat. I continued in Eco mode with 9 bars of battery after a long brake regen before I started. (I assume the battery indicator is 10 bars - I was right up to the last space under the nipple which was empty). Anyway, I gave up after 5 miles and 99.9mpg showing on the trip, roads were quiet but I did have to brake 3 or 4 times and I used ICE for acceleration around that many times too. Whatever it does, it does it very well as I still have 3 bars left on the battery at 99.9mpg and I kept the speed at 30mph on the flat and cruise was always left of the hsi. I tried some hypermiling after that, resetting the trip, over a few miles of dual carriageway, including hills and different speed limits, so bit of a mix. Even though the engine was warm I got an indicated 88mpg. Pretty incredible.
  13. Another newbie question. Is there a difference between pressing the ev button compared to keeping it left of centre on the hsi? I read another post that the ev mode can go up to 25 mph once warm but I have no problem staying left on the hsi up to about 45mph on the flat and it still reads 100mpg... Or is this 100mpg with engine assist? Is there a difference? Like ev is pure battery and left of centre is literally hybrid mode ie sometimes battery sometimes battery & engine. Im confused as I read ev mode is a max of 25 mph but I see 100mpg staying left at much higher speeds.
  14. Yes I think that's it.... A !Removed! once the car has been switched off. It seems to do it every time I stop and park up after a minute or 2. It through me because it happened after breaking quite suddenly. However I did break harder the other day which was much more ferocious and it didn't make the sound then. When I did brake and the noise came I'm pretty sure I was on ev. And yes I do hear it make a whine type noise once I unlock it and open the drivers door but I figured this was normal.
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