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  1. The dash cam goes to sleep after 5 minutes of inactivity. To technically it wouldn't need to rely on the 12v to stay on when the engine is off, the bulit in battery of the dash cam can provide 15 minutes of recording....
  2. Hey peeps, It turns out that the battery is on the way out. I'll have to get a new one tomorrow. Jump started it no problems and I gave it a good motorway run to charge the battery slightly.
  3. @Gray86 I would suppose so, she is driving the car mostly. Maybe she was in a rush this morning, don't know, I'll check later tonight and I'll keep you posted. Luckly my neighbour is a mechanic so he will have a look tonight as well.
  4. Thanks, forgot to mention that the car is a 19 plate, so the 12v battery is 5 years old I reckon. And I have a nextbase dashcam piggybacked with the hardwire kit to the fuses but it's got a built in cut off protection. Never had a problem with it since Ive installed it 6 months ago.
  5. Morning, We've encountered a problem with our car this morning, it just won't start and it says "not ready to drive" my wife says. I'm at work at the moment and tonight I will have a look at the car. It never happened to us and the car gets driven nearly daily around 10-15 miles with the occasional motorway work 2-3 times a week. What should I look for before I call Toyota?
  6. 3 bars is is too far... People end up cutting you up. 1 bar is perfect for that not happening.
  7. Our corolla has no issues switching to ev mode on flats and slight downhill sections with acc on. It works out for itself the circumstances. Loving the ACC on the motorway. I usually set it to 1 line to keep the distance and it works alright.
  8. Portsmouth to Cardiff fuel consumption. Cruise set at 70 motorways and dual carriageways, normal driving conditions, 3 adults, 1 child, plus luggage. Not bad!
  9. It just makes me happy that we went for a used one.
  10. £35k for an excel TS brand new???? Last time I looked before we got our used TS(for 23k), the brand new one was around 30k. What are they thinking?
  11. My DAB is very annoying, it will lose signal constantly. Could it be from the dash cam? I have a 522gw front and back piggyback in the fuse box.
  12. Our TS is sitting at around 57-60 mpg depending on the trips. That's the average on the tank(around 420-430 miles when I have to fill up) I have managed 85 mpg once on a trip to work. The car has the 17" tyres if that makes a difference and we live in Hampshire near Portsmouth which can get a bit hectic traffic wise.
  13. The only time I get a judder occasionally in my 1.8 TS is when I have to put my foot down at roundabouts to dash away. Silky smooth otherwise!
  14. @TonyHSD That is so true! If the road surface is rough whatever car you have you will hear the rumble. Spoke with Toyota and they offer two tyres, Falken ZE310EC 94W XL and Dunlop is Blue Response 91W SPT. The Falken is the factory tyre which I don't want, and I heard good stuff regarding the Dunlops(part of goodyear) at a good price around £91 each fitted and balanced.
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