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  1. Hi and thank you for your response. It is fitted with a sound, but I experiencing that pedestrians and animals only see me if I turn up the music or use a horn. Other makes of hybrids are even worse, in my opinion. Just noticed that hybrids are good for the air and for pollution. Although I do feel that the sound should be made more noticeable, at slow speeds. It is a huge concern that these new models are so quiet and I wondered how others were finding the experience, when they were driving hybrid vehicles.
  2. This is my second Toyota and its a nice drive. I do have a major concern though and wondered what other drivers were experiencing, with regards to how quiet it is in EV mode. I went for this model, as I had an original Rav4 and adored it and want to do my bit for air pollution. The difference in my first Toyota, was a petrol engine and no issues seeing it or hearing it. Fantastic car! Driving the hybrid Pedestrians and animals do not know that you are there, it is far to quiet in my opinion! I feel that new owners of hybrids have to voice their findings, as I feel it is a real safety concern. Only had this car a few weeks and people and animals do not know I am there. I don't have it in EV mode at all, in residential areas. But when driving it, inside it sounds ok, but outside it is too quiet in my opinion. What are other drivers findings?
  3. Hi, I have been driving a toyota hybrid cross and I feel that pedestrians and animals need more sound, from these cars, for better safety. Thankfully speeds in car parks are usually 5mph, but I have noticed that I can be behind people and they do not hear the car. This is a concern and a worry. I purchased a hybrid, as I wanted to help with air pollution. I am concerned that the car has plenty of technical safety, but the lack of real car noise, is a massive concern for me. Other makes and hybrids are exactly the same. I feel that humans are used to hearing a cars engine, when this car changes into EV mode, it is far too quiet! More people need to voice on this, on all models of hybrids. Lets get cars back to sounding like cars, please?
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