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  1. I need a body kit for my corolla and i am having difficulty finding one, I want some side skirts and a front spoiler like the G6R, I currently have a G6. Does any1 know anywhere i can get hold of this kit?
  2. The Corolla 1998 has round lights and the Corolla 2000 has different style lights, like Scottish_SR's rolla. The car all around is exactly the same. What I would like to ask is, Do both of these models have the same size and shape front panel where the lights are on?
  3. Too much! Previous post about Fensport corolla ← 10 grand? ← And the rest. ← If you take into account the number of man hours and the research and development then my estimate would be £30,000+ in it's current state - 600bhp 200mph ← u have got the 4A-GZE engine in ur corolla, how much did that conversion cost, and is ur 0-60mph same as knowlsons corolla?
  4. does anybody know which bulb is in the foglights of the corolla G6 1998?
  5. Too much! Previous post about Fensport corolla ← 10 grand?
  6. Has Any1 seen the new Rolla on Fensport with the 3S-GTE engine in it, its 4 wheel drive. Does any1 know how much that would cost?
  7. The Starlet GT Turbo engine would fit straight into my 1.3 as it is the same engine but with a turbo. But my rolla is 300kg's heavier, wont get same performance. I want the 3S-GTE engine that would fly, fensport have it on their website in the 2001 shape rolla, its speeedy :)
  8. Hi Scottish_SR, u have a really nice rolla, have u had an engine conversion on ur car?
  9. Thanks mate for the info, do jbmotorsport fit it in too? whats the 0-62mph of ur car. The 4A-GZE engine is super charged, is it possible to put another turbo on it too, or is there no point? B)
  10. Hi, I currently own a corolla G6 1332cc. I want to make this car more faster than it is. Has anyone put a turbo in one of these before, or does anyone have any information regarding this? Is it possible to put the 4A-GE or 4A-GZE 1587cc 20valves Engine in?