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  1. Sorry for the long radio silence - other things have needed my immediate attention so the Aygo's been simply gathering some autumn cobwebs outside. I've only just turned my attention back to it today. My local garage (independent, good but not cheap) has agreed to do a preliminary investigation to confirm it's definitely something inside the engine - without racking up a big bill. Happily, they're not far from me and downhill so, with a bit of help, I'm going to roll the Aygo down sometime over the weekend when the roads are quiet, leave it parked outside and the garage will have a look at it next week. I'll be sure to report back here. Thanks again for your support and interest.
  2. Thank you. What you say is logical and gives me a glimmer of hope a repair could be economically viable. It was trying to turn over at first but couldn't get going fast enough to start which is why I assumed a battery or starter motor problem. Now I think about it, several months ago it did make a screeching noise on first start up but it stopped quite quickly and I put it down to the aux belt. Never made that sound again so I forgot about it. But it was running normally when we parked it and it didn't get used for about a week until yesterday (it's our second car). Cam cover off this weekend then.
  3. Thanks for this. I'll do as you say this weekend. 👍
  4. I can turn the alternator and idler so that rules them out.
  5. The oil level is where it should be on the dipstick and it looks clean, coolant is also as it should be. Thanks for passing on your neighbour's experience. I will look into replacement engine but I'm not a mechanic and I'd be working at the roadside so I'd have to pay for garage to do it - I'm expecting that to be too costly. thanks very much
  6. Flash22, thank you. We had the starter motor out, came away easily and hadn't been jammed. The pinion is in excellent condition so I'd guess the flywheel gear is also. Doesn't seem to have been jammed. We gave the car a good rocking in gear several times including after removing the starter and the spark plugs (in case there's water in the cylinders - there isn't). As you say, engines don't usually seize just like that but this one seems to have. I'll check the belts later today as that's a good thought. Thanks for your input -much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for your thoughts. First thing the AA man suspected was a jammed starter so he took it off. The starter and pinion were free to spin and both looked in good condition. I haven't removed the drive belt so that's a good thought. The amount of heaving he did on the crankshaft pulley nut with a long socket handle makes me think I'd have seen movement and a bit of belt slip though. Could a seized alternator or idler cause such a solid lock, do you think?
  8. Hello It's a sad day. I'm seeking the wisdom of the forum before I arrange for our 57 reg Aygo to be taken for scrap. Would I be doing the right thing? We've had it since nearly new, it's done 55k miles and been serviced and repaired as required throughout. Overall, been an amazingly reliable and relatively cheap car to own and run. This morning it wouldn't start with the symptoms of a flat battery - starter attempting to turn engine over and failing. I attempted to jump start it but the symptoms were the same so called out the AA (we have free Homestart). AA man ran a thorough diagnostic and found the battery to be in fine fettle and the starter drawing 400amps as it tried in vain. The engine appears to have seized solid. Jacking up one wheel lets the transmission turn, there's no water in the cylinders, the oil and coolant water look normal but the engine is locked. Looks like a drastic failure of something in there. But it was running fine a week ago when we parked it on the drive. Economically, there seems no point even in paying for an engine strip down to find what the problem is, let alone paying for a replacement engine. Anyone have any thoughts or similar experiences? I thought 14 years old and 55k miles was young for a Toyota. Have I just been unlucky? Thanks in advance
  9. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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