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  1. That's really weird! And this only happened AFTER you washed n waxed? What products did you use?
  2. Hi all! Does anybody know of any aftermarket companies that make a full set of "descent seat covers" to fit the 2019 Corolla touring sports? All the companies I have looked up seem to only do front set covers but don't do anything for the rear seats! I am a taxi driver and most of my passengers sit in the back so its critical that the back seats are under cover and well protected as they don't have a mark on them and I want them to stay that way! Thanks.
  3. Oh man that sucks! Hope Samsung doesn't end up rip off artists like iPhone. That's the main reason I went the way of the android phones was the ability to add extra storage and have my music on there without having to run everything through imusic!! 😕
  4. Hi, If you have an android phone your other option is you can add a mini SSD card to your phone and store your music on there? That way you wont use up all your phones internal storage. If you have an iphone your outta luck I'm afraid!. 😕
  5. Hi all! Have just bought my first Toyota.... a 2019 Corolla sports touring with just under 18k on the clock. Am a private hire taxi driver in Chelmsford and have been driving around in a rather expensive rental Prius for the past 4 months. This was the first Hybrid I had ever driven and even though it had done 100k miles it still seemed to be doing very good MPH (high 60's low 70's) despite its 7 year age and millage. So when I decided to buy my own taxi the new Corolla hybrid seemed the logical choice as the older Prius were since discontinued. Am looking forward to looking through the site topics and hopefully making some new Toyota friends in the future! 😃
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