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  1. These came with my vehicle, brand new still in sealed packaging. I don't need them as I have carpet mats. They're £76.50 from Toyota Direct. The cheapest I've seen them is £64 on ebay. Selling for £50 collected (Glasgow area) or £57 posted
  2. I wasn't sure that my recent 71 plate purchase had received its first service, as the salesman didn't reply when I emailed him and the service wasn't actually due yet. However I see in MyT app that they did the first/minor service and hybrid health check in May. So that's at least one useful feature of MyT app I do open the app to look at other features as I'm a bit geeky like that 😆
  3. It looks very smart with the black wheels
  4. I find it easier and quicker to remove the micro SD card from the dash cam and manage the files on my macbook via an sd card reader. In my case (Nextbase 322GW) the card is stored in the front cam but it stores both front and rear files on there. I can't speak for all dash cams though.
  5. I have this feature on MY21.5 launch edition although I haven't used it as yet.
  6. I usually go for red, orange, gold type colours for cars. I'm not a fan of silver, grey, black etc But it would be a boring world if we all liked the same things
  7. I was looking to order a Yaris Design in scorched orange for next March(ish) hence my username when I joined the forum 😄 However after much online searching I found a Launch Edition 71 plate (so MY21.5) in excellent condition with protection plus pack and front/rear dash cam installed. So I'm the proud owner of my first automatic and my first hybrid. I'm really enjoying it after driving manual cars for many years. It's not orange despite what the log book says but I love the red with contrasting black roof. I'm pleased with the mpg too for my short local journeys. I did read lots of posts on this forum before deciding, so you could say that many of you had an input in my decision 😘
  8. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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