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  1. Hi Bob, its been running perfect, I can't thank you enough. Let me buy you the damn cake, lol 🙂 It would be good to meet the man behind the name. I have a question which may upset you 🙂 Do you trouble shoot other car problem or 100% Toyota. The reason I am asking is both my cars broke (so to speak) at the same time, but the other one starts with an "F" Funny Old Rubber Duck. Just asking no offence intended to anyone within this fine Forum.
  2. I didn't know how to do that until now, thanks Steven. Car still running like a dream and average mpg up from 42.5 to 44 🙂
  3. So true, but how do I get the Toyota Yaris full of cakes to him 🙂 I have gotta say thanks 🙂
  4. Ha, ha, the cake fund, sounds awesome. How do I donate? If we meet face to face one day, I will tell you about a dream, a bit like Martin Luther King but mine involved 300 doughnuts from Tesco.
  5. Hi Hasan, I think you really summed it up, STICKING WITH IT and GREAT LEARNING EXPERIENCE. I thought I was pretty good at fault finding on cars, now I realise that I am QUITE good which is humbling and have to say this knocked my confidence, but with Bob helps (flash22) and your morale boost we got there but total kudos to Bob he got the car and I to the finish line. Really appreciate your input and everyone else on the site. I do need a lesson in how to use Forums, I know I am speaking to you guys but that is because I was searching the internet for anything and anyone that could help solve my problem. This is the first forum I have ever used and I want to give back. How do you dip into the Forum and help others? How do I follow the likes of You, Flash22, BathTub Tom, etc.
  6. I will disconnect the battery now and check rpm when it reaches temperature tomorrow after soldering of course.
  7. Good morning Bob, I think you cracked it (just before it cracked me :). I can't thank you enough, the beers are on me if your up for a pint or five 🙂 The car run 100% last night and did not miss a heart beat, I have not had 2 nights with no problems since this misfire started. It is definitely running sweeter even though I have not plugged back in yet. Even the little average mpg screen has been going up steadily normally I get 42.5mpg on a mixed drive, I'm already up to 43mpg and I think it will climb so more. The brief misfire I had after installing the new gasket I think could have been wiring. It's my niece's birthday today so no car repairs today. Tomorrow will solder injector wires back correctly and replace under bonnet cowling.
  8. The gasket was not crispy but definitely tougher as opposed to hard than the new one. I did replace both o-rings and injector insulator rubbers as new. Thank you for the tip of a tiny drop of washing up liquid and the hot water.
  9. You are way above my pay grade for spotting the difference. The only one I thought that looked a little suspect was number 1 which we had no faults with. These pictures were also taken straight after removal and it came away clean (no sticking to head). I understand your logic with the age of the gasket.
  10. Yes it is definitely quieter by ear. What should the idle be? Do I need to do a video? Drove last night for 2.6 miles (set counter, lol) and it was fine, went to pull away and it misfired for about 30 seconds, but not enough to cause the engine management light to come on. Then ran all evening fine. Do you remember way back like 2-3 weeks back, I think. In desperation I fessed up to cutting the injector wires and moved them down the loom thinking it maybe a worn out wire getting hot and separating. Well although I done a good quick repair I have yet to solder them back in properly (Monday or Tuesday's job). Personally I don't think that was the problem last night as the wires were fixed well all but temporary. But the car did run well last night overall 98.5% success, tonight will be the real test, because I have not had two nights without problems since the problem began
  11. All back together, done a 2 mile test drive and everything good, but tonight and tomorrow will be the real test. The worst thing is I could physically see nothing wrong with the gasket that was on there. I'm banking on you Sensei Bob 🙂
  12. Thanks again. No more nights anymore just evenings. But yep done 7 years, 7pm-7am, long nights. On the plus side you get to see more of the week i.e. 6 hours sleep, lol. When I used to get home at 8am Saturday morning you would just stay up to spend time with the kids then go to bed Saturday night, great memories. But wouldn't do it again or recommend it. I have attached some pictures of the head and the inlet gasket. Nothing to write home about. They visually look fine.
  13. Damn your good Bob 🙂 Thank you for the lesson. Part ordered, collect 9.30am tomorrow if the weather is good should be back together by 1pm. I will take it to work tomorrow night and let you know the outcome on Sunday morning. Thanks again.
  14. Still can't get my head round that this is the problem, but then again I am at the stage where I would ***** on a spark plug if I thought it would help. This gasket sealant that you suggest is this as well as new o-rings or as a replacement. Thanks again, beers on me WHEN I have success 🙂.
  15. Do I spray it when it misfires down at No. 3?
  16. Sorry that casting picture is from this morning when I swapped out Injector 4 and put it in 3. Call all running, no errors at moment and no carb cleaner.
  17. No carb cleaner to hand, just some MAF cleaner 🙂
  18. Don't know have not taken it on a run. I think this is because I think its not the injector, but I will take it out tonight. If this is the normal problem it will kick in and drop cylinder 3 after 8 mins more often than not, lol. The lol was smile or get annoyed, you know what I mean.
  19. I don't think these will help. If you need me to look under a particular menu please say. 327145110_Scan1.MP4 1994851112_Scan2.MP4
  20. These are the menus I have under Diagnostics. I don't know if these help. Videos to follow they take a while to upload.
  21. Ok, I cocked up. I done my videos etc but now realised I had not connected the MAF. I'm going back out to do the video right now in the mean time wire info below. I'm also getting a message on the Launch Creader VIII saying "Maximum..." any clues as where to delete as getting this all the time. I have gone to every menu that gives the chance to Clear Data already. The Coil Pack has 4 wires White/Black and Red/Black which are the common. Yellow with silver blocks and Green/Orange. Also this could be something or nothing, when I swapped the injectors again this morning. I realised that the metal casting has holes in it alongside the inlet. Any thoughts. Be back in 30 minutes with some hopefully helpful video data. If it is the ECU driver problem. How easy is it to program my keys to a second hand ECU. As ebay sells a lot of ECUs but with no keys or barrel. Speak in a bit.
  22. Hi Bob, just about to connect the battery again after you said let the ECU reset. I'm now going to plug in the OBD and try and find the "o2 voltages" that you speak of. All this with the engine NOT RUNNING. Just trying to do what you ask, also going to video from scratch so you can see menus that you might understand and I can then tell me what to do. Thanks again for your help.
  23. Forgot to say. I have swapped the injector 4 over to 3. Also just put on second hand Denso Coil pack.
  24. Sorry for delay, I have been lent an old car to get me out of trouble. I have a spare coil pack I can put on to check this. Please excuse this but I think it did not work as in it was not supported for this vehicle. But as I have memory issues from a bike accident I will try again later today. Hi just reading your earlier posts. How do I know if it is an mk1 p10 or an early mk2 p90? Reg is FN05 LHV. I have attached a screen shot of the MOT checker page? How do I know what engine it is? Thanks again in advance for help and thoughts.
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