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  1. Ordered mine February, stayed as processing for a fair time then stays changed several times fairly quickly and now shows as being at Derby. Latest from dealer is delivery end of the month. Hope so as I only have a month mot on my current one!
  2. Quite right I've even read it in one of my cars manuals.
  3. Ah... I knew I'd seen somewhere a Yaris of one sort or another was being made in the same factory as the Aygo.
  4. Does that mean the Aygo X will also be coming via France and not Zeebrugge/Grimsby as indicated on the MyT app for my Aygo X I have on order, as I believe the Yaris Cross is assembled in the same factory as the Aygo?
  5. Problems at Derby? Could be lack of drivers and or transporter availability. Trying to distribute orders in the most economic manner given the current cost of fuel, wouldnt want to send a partly loaded transporter the length of the country if it can be avoided. Could be any number of reasons or a combination of them all. MyT app and latest email shows mine as "in transit", currently in Zeebrugge, but I believe that's only an approximation, could be there or on a ship somewhere in the North Sea! According to my dealer as of this Monday gone the latest report they had for when they should get mine is the end of the month. Hope that doesn't slip as the MOT and service on my current Aygo is due by the 13th July. Don't want to pay out on that if at all possible! Actually I already have as I have a service plan, but if its not done it should transfer to a new one for the Cross.
  6. I already had the MyT app. Didn’t do anything my Aygo X just appeared in it. I assume as my dealer has the same email address for me that I use for my Toyota account, so the computer system automatically added it. I’m also getting emails from Toyota/dealer when status changes.
  7. I ordered mine 25th February. Estimated delivery date was 1st June. MyT app and emails reported manufacture started 21st May, left factory 23rd May and in transit 2nd June, with app indicating it’s in Zeebrugge. I believe these are approximations, but it gives you some idea. Reckon I might get it sometime in July if I’m lucky.
  8. Bit the bullet and ordered a plug in pressure washer. Save having to think about charging batteries or water from hose or pump sprayer not being strong enough!
  9. I’ve never bothered with a prewash in the past, I’ve just gone straight to a shampoo wash. However with my new car currently being built and being what I chose rather than what was available at my dealer at the time I plan to spend a bit more time keeping it clean, so with that in mind I’m looking at applying a foam prewash each time. To be able to do that, I’ve got to purchase the necessary equipment. Unfortunately due to the configuration of my bungalow the only place I can have my car to clean it is on the opposite side of the road, which means dragging the hose across the road. Whilst this is ok to create a foam in an ideal world I’ll need a pressure washer resulting in having to drag a power cable across the road as well, which isn’t very good. As it is if a vehicle needs to go down my road I have to pull the hose out of the way, but with a pressure washer I’d have to do the same with the cable. Not very convenient. As I see it I’ve 4 options: 1. Get a normal pressure washer and pull it back across the road as needed. 2. Get a cordless pressure washer.. 3. Get a foam gun that just attaches to your hosepipe. 4. Get a hand pump sprayer designed for foams. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I also don’t want to buy something that won’t do the job either. Options 3 and 4 are obviously the cheapest, however I’m not sure how successful they’d be. I’m leaning towards option 2 as it can be used for other jobs as well. Any recommendations for which one? Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
  10. Could be worth thinking about. I used a picnic blanket to try and protect my 2013 Aygo and whilst it worked to a point it still got scratched over time.
  11. Should be holding your steering wheel at all times anyway!
  12. Quite correct. I was going to go belt and braces, but decided against them. After all I’ve got stops on the garage floor anyway that might just need adjusting to suit the slight increase in size.
  13. Just wondering if anyones had any experience of these or similar? Swann Garage Parking Sensor - White : Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools
  14. I entered mine for my current car in the past in the MyT app and for some reason at some point it disappeared without me having deleting it! Haven't tried again since, but intend to once I've taken delivery of my new Aygo X. Will leave it on my Apple calendar as a backup. I'm guessing maybe there was a bug in the app which has since been fixed if yours is working.
  15. traffic report notification?
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