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  1. No there’s a few around! My order was placed in February an only made it to my dealer yesterday, although it had been in Derbyshire since beginning of June.
  2. Well once again my X didn’t arrive at my dealer. They raised a case with Toyota to try and find out what the reason for the delay is. Toyota’s answer? Industrial action, which we assume is Red Funnel Ferries strikes, which could be an excuse for this week but not for all the previous weeks when they weren’t taking place! Oh well maybe next week but I won’t be holding my breadth.
  3. Suspect being on the Isle of Wight doesn’t help!
  4. Well yet again mine didn’t arrive at my dealer today as per the report they received last week from Toyota and is now stated as arriving on the 3rd of August. I’m not holding my breadth! Ordered in February with an initial delivery estimate of 1st June, I guess they didn’t say which June.
  5. Same colour I’ve got on order and waiting delivery of!
  6. My insurance has just automatically renewed. I did shop around beforehand and found my current insurer (Santander) were cheaper or around the same making it not worth changing. As it was in the process of renewing I couldn’t get an online quote for my new Aygo X, until now that is. To insure it from the 30th July I will have to pay an additional £62.26, which includes a fee. I’ve already paid £161.70, so my insurance will work out as £223.96. That’s with my 9 years ncb protected and legal cover. For a comparison I’ve just visited LV’s website and got a quote for the Aygo X again starting on the 30th July with ncb protected and I was quoted £249.25. That doesn’t include legal cover which would be another £25.99. In short, even with having to pay an administration fee to alter my insurance, my existing insurer has come up with a better price. To be honest I thought it would cost me more than the additional £62 so I will be staying with Santander, when I eventually take delivery, for the first year anyway!
  7. And the reports showing delivery dates they send to the dealers are a waste of time, as they don’t keep to the stated dates! Been given many dates only for them to come and go. Latest update I got last Thursday said “next week” and here we are a week later and nothing, so I guess their report this week again says next week. Ordered in February with initial delivery date of June 1st, will it beat August? Mind you they didn’t state June of which year! 🤣 just a shame I’ve had to pay out to MOT my current car and as. Y insurance has now renewed I’ll end up having to pay a fee to have it changed.
  8. Hope it arrives, but be prepared for it to slip. Mine was originally 1st June. Last update was it was going to be at dealer 4th July. Needless to say it wasn’t and still isn’t. Even had to MOT my existing car, fortunately it passed so only had to pay MOT fee. Insurance renews on the 18th, if I don’t receive it by then I’ll end up having to pay an administration fee to change the insurance over!
  9. Daft isn’t it “can take weeks to update when new models launch” that doesn’t make sense when both Manual and Automatic models launched at the same time! Just a poor excuse for terrible service I’m afraid.
  10. I got an online quote from Direct Line and just checked back and it does say Manual. Have gone back to correct it and there is no option to change it from Manual to auto. Very strange, that there’d want to do themselves out of some business. So I won’t be using them either. I’ve still to get a quote from my existing insurer as I can’t provide a reg number or a start date, but using my current Aygo as means of comparison (had my renewal quote through recently) they’re dearer anyway. LV was less than Direct Line but more than my current.
  11. Bit of a bummer. I’ve got to get my current Aygo MOT’d as new ones not in yet and doesn’t look like it will be in time for my trip away on Monday! Oh well it’s only money that could be spent on fuel. 💷
  12. Not taken delivery of mine yet, supposed to be end of June/beginning July. When I do I’ll try and remember to post on here if I experience the same or not. Does your phone move about on the charging pad? I have a charging pad at home and if I don’t place my phone on it in the correct position it doesn’t charge properly. Might be the same is happening if your phones not remaining in the same place? Just a thought.
  13. Ordered mine February, stayed as processing for a fair time then stays changed several times fairly quickly and now shows as being at Derby. Latest from dealer is delivery end of the month. Hope so as I only have a month mot on my current one!
  14. Quite right I've even read it in one of my cars manuals.
  15. Ah... I knew I'd seen somewhere a Yaris of one sort or another was being made in the same factory as the Aygo.
  16. Does that mean the Aygo X will also be coming via France and not Zeebrugge/Grimsby as indicated on the MyT app for my Aygo X I have on order, as I believe the Yaris Cross is assembled in the same factory as the Aygo?
  17. Problems at Derby? Could be lack of drivers and or transporter availability. Trying to distribute orders in the most economic manner given the current cost of fuel, wouldnt want to send a partly loaded transporter the length of the country if it can be avoided. Could be any number of reasons or a combination of them all. MyT app and latest email shows mine as "in transit", currently in Zeebrugge, but I believe that's only an approximation, could be there or on a ship somewhere in the North Sea! According to my dealer as of this Monday gone the latest report they had for when they should get mine is the end of the month. Hope that doesn't slip as the MOT and service on my current Aygo is due by the 13th July. Don't want to pay out on that if at all possible! Actually I already have as I have a service plan, but if its not done it should transfer to a new one for the Cross.
  18. I already had the MyT app. Didn’t do anything my Aygo X just appeared in it. I assume as my dealer has the same email address for me that I use for my Toyota account, so the computer system automatically added it. I’m also getting emails from Toyota/dealer when status changes.
  19. I ordered mine 25th February. Estimated delivery date was 1st June. MyT app and emails reported manufacture started 21st May, left factory 23rd May and in transit 2nd June, with app indicating it’s in Zeebrugge. I believe these are approximations, but it gives you some idea. Reckon I might get it sometime in July if I’m lucky.
  20. Bit the bullet and ordered a plug in pressure washer. Save having to think about charging batteries or water from hose or pump sprayer not being strong enough!
  21. I’ve never bothered with a prewash in the past, I’ve just gone straight to a shampoo wash. However with my new car currently being built and being what I chose rather than what was available at my dealer at the time I plan to spend a bit more time keeping it clean, so with that in mind I’m looking at applying a foam prewash each time. To be able to do that, I’ve got to purchase the necessary equipment. Unfortunately due to the configuration of my bungalow the only place I can have my car to clean it is on the opposite side of the road, which means dragging the hose across the road. Whilst this is ok to create a foam in an ideal world I’ll need a pressure washer resulting in having to drag a power cable across the road as well, which isn’t very good. As it is if a vehicle needs to go down my road I have to pull the hose out of the way, but with a pressure washer I’d have to do the same with the cable. Not very convenient. As I see it I’ve 4 options: 1. Get a normal pressure washer and pull it back across the road as needed. 2. Get a cordless pressure washer.. 3. Get a foam gun that just attaches to your hosepipe. 4. Get a hand pump sprayer designed for foams. Just wondering what peoples thoughts are. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but I also don’t want to buy something that won’t do the job either. Options 3 and 4 are obviously the cheapest, however I’m not sure how successful they’d be. I’m leaning towards option 2 as it can be used for other jobs as well. Any recommendations for which one? Your thoughts and suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.
  22. Could be worth thinking about. I used a picnic blanket to try and protect my 2013 Aygo and whilst it worked to a point it still got scratched over time.
  23. Should be holding your steering wheel at all times anyway!
  24. Quite correct. I was going to go belt and braces, but decided against them. After all I’ve got stops on the garage floor anyway that might just need adjusting to suit the slight increase in size.
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