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  1. That's rather low but it will also depend on how you were driving. If you had your foot to the floor and driving at high speeds then this could be why it's so low. Most of my journeys are round town and this tank of fuel i'm getting 62.5mpg. On a long journey i would expect to get over 70mpg with my driving style.
  2. Indeed and then chose it just for HUD ... 😐
  3. Mine is denim blue and it's really nice.
  4. What i don't understand is why buy a £26,000 car based purely on the HUD?
  5. I ordered my 1.8 HB in mid Jan and collected in on 19th April.
  6. Thanks. I don't even know why the ambient lighting is even on there then because it makes no sense. I had this on my previous car and it was really lovely to drive at night with that on.
  7. Thanks for your reply. Last night i was just sat in my car and not driving but the lights on the doors were off. I'll have a look in the manual again to see where i can change the brightness.
  8. I've had my 1.8 HB corolla (design) for 2 months and last night was the first night i've used it in the dark and wondered where the ambient lighting was because i couldn't see it. I waited until tonight to go back out and have a proper look. I can just about see it on the cup holders and the open tray but i can't see it at all on the front doors. I know it's supposed to have it because i double checked on the spec guide. Does anyone know why i can't see it please? Is there some way i can change this? I've had a look through everything that i can see on the infortainment system but nothing seems obvious. I would appreciate any help as it would save a trip to the dealers on Monday. Thanks in advance.
  9. When i first had my car back in April i wondered what on earth that noise was when driving slowly in EV mode, forwards or reverse. Then i realised it's the warning for pedestrians. I have some very strange looks from people when driving round car parks, or when go out of a space haha.
  10. There was a message on my app this morning saying they are experiencing some issues and are trying to solve the problem. Though, i must admit that past few days it has been a lot better.
  11. I can only see just over half your car and both pictures are identical, was this an error?
  12. Yes it does seem that way. I ordered my 1.8 HB in mid Jan and collected it on 19th April.
  13. That's something i really miss because my previous car had it. I have no idea why they didn't add it.
  14. The size of the tank is small so take that into consideration when filling up. My previous car was a Peugeot 3008 and it took about £85-90 of diesel to fill it up and i only got about 390 miles per tank, shamefully. For this and many other reasons i'm loving my 1.8 HB design.
  15. I never test drove the 2ltr because the 1.8 is more than enough for me.
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