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  1. Ok I see, thanks for explanation and I know that you already wrote that previously above. But I guess then some of the "supposed to be" ELM adapters might support more of these protocols (not saying that it has to be k-line) because Original Carista bluetooth adapter + Carista app (and then maybe also the Viecar adapter which I mentioned above, as from my understanding it's some kind of "cheaper Carista clone") actually should work with TPMS ID writing for some cars, as there exists also YouTube videos for that: And when you check the official Carista website and e.g. check the 2nd gen Auris, the functionality seems to be there: https://caristaapp.com/vehicles/toyota/auris/2nd-gen Of course I didn't tested it yet with other car(s) but as I also mentioned in my post above, it's not working with Avensis...
  2. I actually tried also "Torque pro" for Android with my Viecar Bluetooth dongle, but I think that TPMS ID writing is not working with it with our cars, or do you have some positive experience?
  3. thenically speaking you are most probably correct (I'm not the expert here) as I was reading on some forum threads, that with some cheap "chinese" cables bought from ebay / AliExpress and so on, the TPMS programming isn't working. But as it works with the Mini VCI J2534 cable which I mentioned above, I think it's let's say a "small win" that I didn't have to buy actually more expensive tools just for storing TPMS IDs. And I actually think that it might work also with the Viecar 1.5 Bluetooth dongle which I mentioned above, if Avensis was supported by Carista or some other OBD app for Android (but I don't know any better than Carista...) And regarding Techstream, Well I had to investigate regarding the installation also on my Win 7 PC - as it wasn't only just "install and go" but I had to somehow extract some installation files from the "exe" installation package contained on the CD if I remember correctly. Because if I wanted to install it only by just opening the "exe" installation package, there was thrown some error message, that it cannot be installed on my win version, or something like that... But maybe it's like this only with this "older" version (I think the lastest version now is 17.xxx) and newer version might actually install without problem - but I haven't tested it yet as I'm satisfied, that my Win7 Laptop with Techstream v14. actually works... (and again -> that I didn't have to buy some other more expensive specialized tools / software. And that was my, let's say, main motivation to open this thread ...)
  4. @2009joe No thanks, I'm satisfied with the version which I have, but thanks for offering
  5. @2009joeHello Bud, I'm attaching the Techstream Windows "patched" links only, which I'm using with my Techstream version (14.20.019). Not sure if it will work also with your Techstream on your PC, but this is what I got on the CD which came together with the VCI cable. Here is additionally the link which I got from the AliExpress seller from whom I bought the cable. Link is for newer Techstream version (16.30.013), which based on his message should also work (I didn't tested it yet): https://mega.nz/folder/wDIEiTxC#xtwSSkyC7RG-RVvjcxje_g Techstream Links.zip
  6. Hello guys, thanks for inviting me to introduce myself here. For more than a year already, I'm the happy owner of the Avensis 2017 1.8 vvti. It's actually my first Toyota. Previously I had Diesel Opel, with which I didn't have that good experience. After investing much money to that car, as lot of things started to fail, I decided to buy something newer and seemingly reliable with a Petrol engine, as my yearly mileage isn't that high anyway. I did my research and because of a reliable engine with indirect (port) injection, large space and trunk, and "uniqueness" (that you don't see the last facelift Avensis on the road in our country that often than other cars) I fell for Avensis. As I like to do the things in a DIY way, during that time I installed to the car some mods, such as Android auto / carplay module and charger usb ports near the car alarm console and also on the center console (for rear passengers). Looking forward to learn something new here and get / provide valuable information. Have a nice day!
  7. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  8. Hello all, I'm an owner of Toyota Avensis 2017 (last facelift), 1.8 vvti, manual transmission, EU version. I just wanted to share my experience regarding the TPMS sensors I bought last year on AliExpress: https://a.aliexpress.com/_mtOohYw Each of them was packed in a small plastic bag with the sticker on it, where was the part number: 42607-02031 And each sensor was marked with the following number: PMV-C210 I bought them as a "spare" sensors as they were really cheap compared to the original ones, and I had them "lying" on my shelf for around a year period. Then spring came and I decided to actually use them in my second (summer) wheel set, which I decided to buy recently. As I like to do the stuff, which I'm capable of to do by myself, I was searching on the net, how to write the sensor IDs to the car using OBD II dongles. I bought the following OBD II Bluetooth dongle: Viecar 4.0 ELM 327 AER BT 4.0 V1.5 J1850 https://a.aliexpress.com/_mOCGTAK I tested it when it arrived and it worked great with Carista Android app (you can actually download Carista modded apk on the net, which is free and has moreover the same capabilities as the paid version). But unfortunately it cannot be used to store TPMS IDs, as it cannot "see" and work with the Avensis's TPMS control unit. I little bit don't understand why it's like this, as on Auris it looks like this function is supported by Carista, and the same TPMS sensors used for Auris, might also work for Avensis. But I asked directly to Carista vendor and they replied that the TPMS control unit in Avensis is a different unit (different part number) than the one used in Auris, and as they haven't received / tested any of these units yet, they didn't implement the functionality for Avensis (and I guess they will never do, as we know, that Avensis is no longer being produced...). Therefore in this case, Carista is unfortunately useless for TPMS ID writing on Avensis (but it's useful for other things, e.g. I easily disabled with Carista the rear seat belts chime, but this can be done of course also using techstream, but that's another story for a different thread...) Based on my above experience I finally decided to buy this MINI VCI J2534 cable with the CD, on which there was also "patched" Techstream software (Techstream version which I'm using is 14.20.019 from the received CD): https://a.aliexpress.com/_mNK55wi I didn't want to buy it at first, as Techstream usually (without any modifications) can be easily installed on Windows XP only, as with the newer than XP Windows versions there are some "installation culprits". But when the cable with the CD came, fortunately I was able to install it successfully (following some tutorial on YouTube) on my old laptop with the Windows 7 version. (I did this some time ago, before I decided to install the mentioned TPMS sensors in my new set of wheels, therefore I'm not providing the turorial link as I don't remember exactly, which one it was, but if you're interested, just write me the comment and I can check it...) Then the "D"- day came and I decided to install the mentioned TPMS sensors in my new set of wheels. I was really skeptical regarding it's functionality, because as I mentioned above already, they laid on my shelf for around a year and during that time there was done nothing with them, so I expected the dead battery (especially for their price). But I decided to try them anyway... I decided to write the sensor IDs to the car's TPMS unit in advance, before I visited the tyre shop. I used Techstream for that (With Techstream this finally worked) and I wrote the IDs as a "main" set of wheels (as my 2nd set is the "winter set"). When I wrote the IDs to the TPMS control unit then I switched the wheel set within the car's TPMS settings menu on a car dashboard display. After switching the set of wheels, Techstream was showing now the newly registered sensor IDs, but unfortunately I wasn't able to see any values from these sensors. Pressure value shown "N/A" and temperature value shown "-40" for all 4 IDs (I checked on the web and probably they should transfer "something" even if they are not installed in a tyre). I even tried to put all 4 of these sensors outside of the car near the tyres in the same order as they were written to the TPMS control unit. I turned ignition off and on several times, re-started techstream, switched the wheel set back and forth again, but I didn't get any "sign" that sensors are working. On the car's dashboard now, there was blinking the "TPMS light" and after some blinking while ignition was switched to "ON", the light always stayed on and haven't disappear. Therefore I was thinking: "well I will have to buy the new sensors at a tyre shop anyway, and pay much higher price for them + for their programming", (but fortunately it wasn't the case :)). In the meantime until I visited the shop (as I had still the "old" wheels on my car anyway) I switched back on the car's display menu to my previous set of wheels, which worked (and never caused the TPMS light on) When I came to the tyre shop, they had some TPMS tool with which they were able to read frequency and IDs of these sensors and they also told me, that battery in them also not appear as a low or "dead". But they told me, that they don't guarantee, that these sensors will work with my car, and if I'm not sure that they are for my car, they can install + program their sensors for me instead. But this I didn't want of course.... So I decided to "risk" it with my sensors anyway. When they finished the installation of my new wheels on a car with these sensors, I switched again within the car's display menu the set of wheels and I drove home. During the drive there was blinking in the beginning the TPMS light again and after some blinks the light stayed on. Therefore I was pi**ed off of course, while the light was still on, that all this procedure: buying and "studying" about the Toyota's TPMS sensors and OBD tools, didn't make any sense, and that I will have to return to the tyre shop anyway.... But to my surprise after 5 minutes of driving the TPMS light disappeared!!! When I arrived home I immediately checked with the Techstream, how it looks like there, and all 4 sensors were showing the values now!!! And when I tried to deflate some tyre, it was immediately reflected also on the Techstream side! So I'm not sure if the sensors were needed to be somehow activated / woken up with some frequency from the shop's TPMS tool, or they just started to work when there was actually driven with them, but now I'm very happy that my efforts were worth it. I drove with them for a few days already and TPMS light was never on. I'm just very curious, how long they will work without any problem, let's see... Hopefully my experience will help someone to save some money and time 😉
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