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  1. Sorry I use to belong to Toyota 5+ Club and you could get discounts on servicing and parts. Now got newer car and also a different Toyota club
  2. Hi do you still get discount on servicing etc at main dealers
  3. Hi just bought Yaris Design 2021. It came with just one master key and a manual key. Also this model does not have start stop button you have to use the key in ignition. Where is the best place to get a spare master key Thanks
  4. Hi just got a Yaris Design 2021 I bought this over the phone from steveneagells luton and car was delivered as I live in Norwich all went ok. I only got a leaflet about Roadside assistance. Does the rest come through the post? Do I have apply? Can anyone help thanks
  5. Having problems finding a genuine one off these for 2021 Yaris design
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