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  1. glws ------------ fiat 500 forum
  2. 210 bhp plus from the 3 litre straight six ------------------- fiat 500 forum
  3. hi just been reading this blog and see this modellista bodykit(first entry) does anyone know if toyota sell this kit, if so where can i obtain it from. thank you for any help :) iq bodykit
  4. hi there have looked for these types of threds and cant really find any anywhere on the mk1 avensis First generation (1997–2003) just want to see what people have been doing with theres.
  5. im sort of needin this info asap, does anyone know if the 6 speed c160 gearbox is 6 or 8 bolt type for the final drive/ring gear? interested in a diff for my six speed and want to know what one il need? thanx in advance
  6. hey mate your best off trying the uk starlet club owners club buddy they have an indepth technical section
  7. try this site for information www.uk starletclub.com/news.htm
  8. im interested in becoming a gold member and was wandering what the discounts were but obviusly this has been suspended, i have infact done abit of reading using the serch button and found out about this new top tier membership being created at some point at the end of the year, could someone please tell me what benefits this new membership will entail, tahnking in advance
  9. thats nice, you should log onto the uk starlet club, im sure many people would like to see that :)
  10. in a straightline drag the ep82 would muller the newer 01, this is basicaly down to the fact that the glanza has a boost limit on boost in the first two gears, easily removed though it would be realy close, the glanza has an extra fin in its turbo to aid responce, for more info and better help try the uk starlet club
  11. been thinking alot recently that there must be seperate owners forums out there for the starlet, sera and paseo instead of this single forum which is dedicated to all three, do any of you know of any
  12. there are two decent dedicated owners clubs out there dedicated to the starlet. google it
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