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  1. Just a 1990s Toyota doing what 1990s Toyota's do.
  2. TBH, I'm not fully versed in technical drawings etc - so I'm not a lot wiser. Thanks nonetheless. I think I'll give it a go.
  3. Lord above. 20 seconds looking at that website and my head physically hurts. SO - worth a go then? I suppose I could always do the rears first, and if it doesn't work then flog the whole lot before I go to the effort of fitting the fronts.
  4. Epic thread bump. Can anyone help me? I've got a T22 saloon - and i've been offered a leather interior, but it's from a hatch. Obviously the front seats will fit, but what chance do I have of the rears fitting from a hatch? Any at all?
  5. Turns out that the brake fluid WAS a little low - hence the light only coming on when giving the car some beans. Anyway - another milestone cleared today Next stop is 200k - then hopefully taking it to the moon. Wish me luck!
  6. Hey Y'all Got a weird one with my MK1 Avensis at the moment. Under heavy acceleration, the handbrake warning light comes on. I've checked there's not the obligatory 20p coin stuck in the handbrake mechanism, and there's nothing other than 16 years worth of detritus. Forum searches lead me to brake fluid - but that LOOKS to be fine, if a little old. I suppose it could be a sensor... What I'd like to know is what ELSE could it be? I've got new discs and pads on the front, but the backs are - amazingly - the originals. (drums/shoes etc). Could it be this? All help appreciated. D
  7. It's got 5w40 fully synthetic in it at the moment. Because of the way I do miles (95% at high speed) we thought it better to have a 40 than a 30. Plenty to look into here, thanks Konrad.
  8. Hey. I've got an early PRE-VVTi Avensis. I must stress that - my car is NOT a VVTi one - and it's using a little bit of oil. It's the 3SFE engine with 155k on the clock. I've never arrived at the car to even a spot of oil underneath, and the emissions on the MOT (granted, last year) were absolutely impeccable. Any ideas? Just wondering if anyone's had similar experience? It's not a big deal - about 1 litre in 5,000 miles - but nonetheless if it's a simple fix, I'll get it done. Kindest Daniel
  9. Hey. Thanks for your help so far. There's NO EML on, which is part relief part annoying. There's clearly something not QUITE right, but it's obviously still within tolerances of the ECU. I had no idea that the car has an EGR. I'll get it cleaned when it's serviced in the summer. As for coils, I thought as much. However, leaving it until misfire isn't my idea of a plan. TWICE now I've managed to kill a catalytic converter when I've run a car even the shortest of distance on 3 cylinders. Better change them now. Thanks
  10. So, my T22 SR is still rocking along - now 15 years old and with 152k on the clock, it shows no signs of giving up at all. However, I do a minor problem or two that I'd like to get fixed. The car does feel ever so slightly sluggish, and has done for about a year now. It will rev right around to the limiter, but it does feel a bit wheezy. Also, occasionally the idle is a bit lumpy at the traffic lights and you can feel the car just rock a little. Garage has said it could be any number of things. 1) Throttle Position Sensor - 2) Coils - 3) Lambda. Anyone had similar issues? I don't really
  11. Update on mine: It hit the big 147k this weekend. I have got a couple of issues. Acceleration has become very sluggish after I piled through a partially flooded road last week. Had very little option really considering speed and the fact it was on a blind bend. I think I've killed either the throttle position sensor or maybe even the lambda sensor. I also have a small coolant leak which is possibly the waterpump. It's due to be replaced along with the cam-belt this spring so no big deal. Otherwise, business as usual. A real 'turn key' car.
  12. In my own vast, detailed and bitter experience, steer well clear of señor clutch. They'll be the cheapest for a very, very good reason. Any warranty is all but unusable, and the parts aren't great. I've been quoted £350 for mine which is a LUK (high quality) part, and will be doing this early next year.
  13. Hi Guys, I'm taking the Avensis off the road for the next month, and I'm going to use that time to give it a well deserved full service. I've got the Haynes Manual, but I wondered if anyone had hands on experience of changing the fuel filter? What to watch for etc. Quite often advice on here is in plainer English, which helps a novice like me an awful lot. Any help appreciated.
  14. My old lady (pictured in avatar) just rolled over to 136000 this week. The MPG has rocketed over the last month. I think it's a combination of good weather, taking it a bit easier and my tyres (which are winters that I never bothered to take off) getting a bit smoother and therefore less rolling resistance. I didn't think I'd EVER see 44.8mpg (brim to brim) out of such an old engine. Wouldn't be without it. I've been running the car for 13 months now, have done 36,500 miles in that time and it's needed nothing. I treated it to some new paint earlier in the year (as it's such an unusual co
  15. Hi. I've had my Toyota Granvia for a month now. (For those who don't know it's a Jap import based on a Hiace Powervan with the Landcruiser 3.0 TD lump.) It's is utterly brilliant at so many things, and I wouldn't be without it. There are two issues, and I'm wondering if you might be able to help me decide whether 1) They're connected and 2) They're easily fixed. The MPG I'm getting is nothing short of shocking. Everyone on the forum reports getting 25-30mpg pretty much however and wherever you drive it. I'm getting a detestable 17-19, but more often than not 17. This is measured usi
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