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  1. Not yet, there's a nice white 2016 1.6d4d that I was interested in but then I heard about the BMW engine issues and stayed away. There isn't much stock about.
  2. hi, Thanks for the replies. I dont do much mileage these days. But I need the estate boot space. These 2015+ estates only come in the 1.6 and 2.0 diesels, so are you saying stay away from both and look at the earlier models?
  3. hi, My car history is corolla -> camry -> hilux. And they were all super reliable. Then I bought a Qashqai with a renault engine and then the bills started to come in on a low mileage car. Clutch £800 @ 40 000 Alternator and battery £600 @ 43 000 and now injectors £1200 @ 49 000 And Im fed up now. Ive had a look a 2016 Avensis Touring Sports 1.6d4d and I like it. But then I started to read this forum and someone mentioned it has a BMW engine. Now I dont want to be in the same situation I am with the nissan. So which Avensis should I be looking for. My main concern is reliability. thank you
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