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  1. Thanks! Yeah I actually did one door as a test with all the standard kit still installed, made a huge difference on its own! Thanks again for the advice
  2. Thanks! Yeah the Focals look great, sound phenomenal too, the amp obviously helps massively with that, speakers aren't too expensive either, £160 I think I paid, their more expensive options must be immense. The amp is a really nice bit of kit too, again not too expensive either £99!
  3. Well, I got the speaker upgrade sorted out! Ended up getting Focal AS165 Components, Pioneer GM-D1004 Amp and took my Alpine SWE-815 8" sub out from my other car. Remarkable sound quality and bass now, ridiculously loud too! The CT25TY06 do not fit the Focals unfortunately, luckily the ones from the Pioneer speakers I had fitted perfectly. Applied sound deadening to the inside of both doors, foam tape between speaker and speaker mount, foam tape between speaker mount and door, cloth tape over all trim clips on the door card too. I used speaker adapters to retain the factory wiring. Amp wired in via a Toyota ISO connector to retain the factory wiring, got the speaker crossovers in the doors and fitted the tweeters on the upper door trim (this was easier than running wires through the door shuts, meaning connecting the crossovers was much easier and it looks nice too), I didn't want to still use the factory tweeters in dash though. Also speaker wire adapters for the factory tweeters seem hard to come by, as NONE of the speakers work when the factory tweeters are disconnected (worth remembering) I made brideging cables instead. I had to shave off about 0.5mm off the smallest spade connectors on the bench grinder to make them fit (held connectors with pliers). Sub power connected via rear speaker wiring on the ISO connector, power taken from permanent live under bonnet (not battery, I don't like the idea of connecting straight to the battery), earth connected near the front seat belt anchor under the interior trim. Sub remote wire hidden and remote (gain & phase control etc) sits in front of the cup holders neatly in the cubby hole, next to the Amazon Echo Auto, so everything is voice controlled (phone Sat Nav, music player & phone calls etc), I have my phone on a cup holder phone holder. Sounds absolutely fantastic, absolutely blown away with it to be honest. Fair bit of work but a nice neat install, nothing looks out of place and no factor wires butchered! Very happy, the advice is appreciated 😊
  4. The adapters the speakers came with fit/line up, I actually had the windows up and down several times doing the sound deadening, I didn't when I had the speaker mocked up into place though! I have a funny feeling they might not be all that great but I'll give them a go. Worst case I'll get some components like you suggested as the amp is on its way. The tweeters in dash, I take it the speaker cover pops off to expose the tweeter?
  5. Update! Found the box of sound deadening, had 16 full sheets left, it was Silent Coat too! Also found some brand new 6.5" Pioneer, 2 way speakers (these were for my e46 that i never got round to fitting!)......I resisted chopping the factory wiring to fit the speakers straight away. I have ordered the speaker adapters and also ordered the Pioneer amp that was suggested above. Worth trying the speakers I have found for now, if they are no good at least I can get some decent ones hooked up to the amp. Got the sound deadening in and it alone has already made a big improvement already, great suggestion. I'll update again once the other stuff has arrived and I've got it all fitted
  6. Indeed 😂 Shiney, shiney Aygo though!
  7. Perfect, thanks! I've got a box of sound deadening, not sure of the make, pretty sure it will be decent quality, had it a long time though, will be tucked up in the corner of my workshop (I own/run a detailing company) in the "storage" area, ha! (Boxes on top of boxes on top of car parts for cars I haven't owned in years, on top of more boxes). Will give me something to do tomorrow 🙂
  8. I was quite surprised too, does sound better than I expected. Definitely going to do a bit of upgrading though I think, might try the sound deadening 1st though as I'd be doing that anyway, worth a shot! I've got an Alpine 8" Active sub in one of my other cars, which I don't really use much so may just fit that in the Aygo instead, its actually very good for what it is. Only thing is it either needs to be connected to rear speakers or a sub output on and aftermarket stereo, of which the aygo has none. I could just splice it into the front speaker wires before they go through the door shut though I suppose
  9. Okay doke, thanks for the info, much appreciated!! I still can't seem to find out the output of the standard stereo even after searching the model number, I suppose a small amp is the way forward like you've suggested. Still keen to find out though just out of curiosity!
  10. Thanks for the reply, it's much appreciated. I was planning on getting some JBL Stadium GTO620 2 way speakers for the front doors. I believe mine only has speakers in dash and speakers in the front doors? I read they need about 25w per channel, obviously ideally ran of an amp but I was wondering if I could just fit the speakers. The small amp you've suggested looks great, I'll definitely contemplate that if the standard stereo won't power the JBLs properly. I've got a whole box of sound deadening material actually, so I'd use that too whilst the door cards are off.
  11. Hi folks, 1st time posting here, I have a 2018 Aygo Exclusiv3, not the face-lift newest version. The stereo is the 2 buttoned one with no Car Play or Android Auto. I'm just wondering if anyone knows the standard touchscreen stereo watts per channel output? I've searched and can't seem to find the info, all I can find is related to the JBL edition in regards to power output etc. Apologies if this is posted in the wrong place! Many thanks Eric
  12. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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