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  1. Happy Birthday zebidi!

  2. Does anyone also know which connections to bridge? Is it possible on OBD2 with a paperclip?
  3. Hello! Does anyone know where the diagnostics port on a 2002 Rav4 is? Intermittently throwing a CEL but dont know what it is. Thanks in advance
  4. Anyone get any pics of the white MR2 that went on the track?
  5. looks like a very very buggered up transformer
  6. no, same here... its quite...... minging
  7. Dazzlingly clean deep rich red colour! Love it!
  8. oooooh just saw you sig there, s2k huh? im thinking of getting another toy and that is in the picking for next year, still keeping the mr2 of course. but i think i will turbo the s2k too.
  9. what does it mean that i am now a guru member? how does the ranking go? lol
  10. zebidi

    Wheels Update!

    very pleased indeed! just done the last one today, they were originally painted yes, but i couldnt find a paint that matches it so i used a pearlescent paint instead. 16x7 and 16x8 fitting 225/40 on front and 245/40 on rear :D should be ok on tein flex right?
  11. i think if the front was flush and didnt stick out here and stick out there it would look ok, it would totally not look like an mr2 at all but at least it would look ok
  12. zebidi

    Wheels Update!

    nay!!!!!!!!!! mine mine mine mine mine!!! i searched for some for ages and bought these totally unkerbed ones for £300 off ebay, but flaking paint was annoying but thats being solved right now :D
  13. zebidi

    Wheels Update!

    It WAS like this! And now like this! I resprayed them at home with VW pearlescent canyon red :D criticism and comments appreciated
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