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  1. Over the last week, I noticed that the range of my key fob lock/unlock buttons were deteriorating and I would have to press multiple times before it registered. I would eventually have to put the key close to the left hand passenger side door (UK) for it to register, but eventually it stopped working completely. The LED was still lighting up, but I assumed that the batteries were running low so I bought two new batteries. Still, the problem persisted with both new batteries. The Smart Unlock system and keyless ignition still works, although unreliably. I’ve checked some other functions of the car such as the button to lock from the inside, the radio/audio system, power windows, etc. to see if it’s the fuses but they all still work, although I’m not certain that it’s not the fuses. Also, this is the only key that I have. I would greatly appreciate if you guys could offer any solutions to this before I go to Toyota to get it fixed, and I hope I’ve given enough information.
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