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  1. Hey. This may have already been asked here. But my question is related to Toyota Auris 1.33L Eu version. Model year 2011. Variant number NRE150 (G). Version NRE150L-DGFNKW (3N). Is the manufacturer's cruise control available for this where it is not already installed. And if a cruise control is found could someone say the manufacturer's codes as well.
  2. Thanks for the instructions. I am now getting the full potential of the Alpine ILX-f903D. Of course, I have to buy an adapter to be able to control the player with Auris. But this will make it much easier to build a hi-fi car.
  3. Sorry for the late response. Pictures of the original connectors on the rear of the player. If these would be helpful to my question.
  4. The player in the car is the Alpine iLX-F903D. It is possible to connect the speed sensor cable to the car system on the player. But where do I find it in Auris. If anyone could help with the pictures I would greatly appreciate it. Auris NRE150L-DGFNKW.
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