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  1. Brilliant that makes sense thank you Philip
  2. Can anyone tell me how to operate the headlight washers, I have a 2021 plate excel and have the caps in the front bumper but I can’t manage to get them working. I did a bit or searching a saw a post somewhere saying that they spray once every 5 washes of the screen but that didn’t work. Any ideas
  3. Many thanks for all your help regarding this. I went to my local dealer who was very helpful. as it turns out when I was adjusting some settings I must have changed something, there is a setting on the tablet Menu- vehicle and scroll down it switches the smart entry and start feature off and on, this is to prevent someone cloning your key. it effectively disables the key remotely so the car will only open with one of the buttons pressed and only start when the fob is in very close proximity to the start button. A bit embarrassing really but new car it would be rude not to have a fiddle. anyway it’s all sorted and I can hopefully get on with enjoying it. Thanks again
  4. Does the rav warn you of low fob battery?
  5. Yes it’s with both bobs
  6. Hi iain yes both fobs the batteries are good
  7. What I do t i understand is that it stared when I put the fob next to the start button it switched on how can this happen if the 12v battery is dead?
  8. I picked up my 2021 rav yesterday from a dealer 80 miles from where I live, drove home all good did a couple of other trips 1 around 15 miles and 1 to the local supermarket. This morning moved it out of my garage so I could put some bits and pieces in the boot then went to start it and nothing. it would lock and unlock and the power boot worked but it wouldn’t go into ready mode.I called Toyota assist and was told to put the key fob next to the start button, it started straight away. They told me too take the car for a 20 minute run and it should be ok. it wasn’t, I’ve read the pinned post regarding the 12v battery but this car had done 100 miles the day before so I can’t see how that’s the problem .The batteries in the fobs are ok so I’m about baffled, obviously I’m taking it to my local dealer tomorrow but it would be handy to be ready for any excuse’s that they may offer. I had my Honda HRVfor 7 years and never had an issue but after 24 hours with the rav I’m a bit concerned . any advice would be appreciated many thanks
  9. Many thanks Ducerduncs im sure I’ll have plenty more questions in the coming weeks
  10. Hi everyone My first post as just purchased an excel hybrid 2021 which I collect next Saturday. can anyone advise is the apple car play wireless? also does the electric tailgate have a kick feature. many thanks
  11. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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