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  1. It will take approx 2 weeks between the built in progress and actually receiving the car. Mine went to built in progress on the 9th and i’m Receiving it tomorrow
  2. Congrats, I am supposed to collect sometime next week too, exciting news! Enjoy it..
  3. I can see my car details and i’m getting notifications on open doors and keys inside the car and the tracker says that the car has arrived at the dealership but they still haven’t called to schedule the delivery! Any idea how much does it take for them to give me the long waited car!?
  4. Mine went to build in progress last monday then couple of days after it went to in transit. I rang the dealership to enquire they said it will be delivered to them on the 26th. Apparently, when the car is finished they automatically mark it as in transit but it still goes under some tests before they actually sent it to the dealership for delivery. Hope this helps
  5. Hello, did you end up receiving the car or did they tell you the same.. that it might look in transit on tracker but its still in the factory and won’t be delivered before a week or so?
  6. Another update 🤦🏻‍♂️ Just called my retailer and they said on their system its not showing the same and the tracker might be inaccurate. Is that possible? I’d assume that if the tracker is faulty it wouldn’t update and say my car is on its way!
  7. Just an update FYI. The tracker is saying in transit now 🙂
  8. Oh that must be thrilling.. I hope this happens to me 🤞🏻
  9. Hello all, nice to be a member of this club.. Expecting my new Toyota this month, fingers crossed!
  10. Thanks for that, i am indeed waiting for a Hatchback to be delivered to my dealer in London. The estimated delivery date was 21st May so based on what you have told me i should be expecting the car on time ?
  11. Hi all, i am a new member, very glad to have joined as it seems that the communication is very helpful i believe one always get the honest answer from a user.. My Corolla just moved to build in progress, can someone please advise to when should i hear from the dealer for delivery ?? Thanks in advance
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