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  1. I'll tell you now; the only thing you'll miss is the lift....that's coming from experience Otherwise enjoy your EX Steve - Type-S P.S. Take a look over on civinfo.com
  2. I'm 6'5" and 120kg; I was looking to change my Corolla TSport and looked at the Auris; Although I could fit; I found the top of the seat wasnt supportive around my shoulder area so subsequently didnt get one... Now got a Honda Civic Type-S which is more comftable :)
  3. Top Work! Looks really good; You can tell the quality is excellent by the welds.... They wont be able to reproduce as each exhaust is individual. I did contact Mongoose a couple of months ago to see if they did anything for the CTS; they didnt and were not interested either due to the low volumes. :(
  4. Deffo reccomend giving Green Light a call; Mine was £382 F/C with Business Milage, 10k policy, 17" Alloys and Induction Kit... Oh and I was 27 at the time!
  5. I appreciate yours is a CTS-C; I traded my CTS '55, 19.7K Miles in 3 weeks ago and got £7,200. Many dealers dont know what it is; so base it on a normal CTS. Steve
  6. 45% Residual (On new) isnt terrible i suppose, enjoy the Civic, if you've got a Diesel you'll love the torque, if not not then just enjoy the steering/gearbox/clutch etc you do get used to the "bar"! Long Live the lift addicts Lift is the only thing I'm missing at the moment. Sadly like most people say; there's nothing in the current Toyota range that was tempting. Tried an Auris SR T180, but the driving position was all wrong for me. Went for the 1.8 Petrol as I dont do that many miles; so didnt seem financially sensible going down the Diesel route; Would have liked to and remap to ~180hp though :D
  7. For Info: Chopped my 05/55 Facelift 19.5K CTS in on 06/06/08 and got £7,200. HTH :)
  8. Have you tried Ebay? Usually a couple on there from reputable companies...
  9. Custom is the only route available. I contacted Mongoose a couple of months ago to ask if they would make anything for the CTS. They wouldent due to no demand :( I suspect the fact that the centre section is integrated with the cat doesent help...
  10. I think 18's are a tad too big and would have a tram-lining effect. 17's are much better suited to the CTS/CTSC. Here's mine: Steve
  11. I'd seen the Parkers valuations, but wasnt sure how realistic they were. I know in a Private Sale; it's worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, but not sure about part-chop.
  12. Hi All, Looking at selling my CTS. Doubt I will be staying in the Toyota fold as there's nothing I like and the Auris just isnt for me. Anyone know what I would be looking to get for my CTS if I traded it in?? It's a 2005/55 with 19.5k Miles, Full TSH. Will come with the standard wheels (My wheels are up for sale, see link in Sig) Pic: Cheers
  13. Have a look on the e of !Removed! for a PowerTec SL1 - It's a Blitz / Stainless Steel copy. It's a good filter and cheaper than a K&N. All you are paying for with the K&N is the name and the hard pipe between the filter and the throttle body. HTH
  14. Woody In your pic here: You have the pipe coming out of the small inline filter to the T piece and one connection coming off the top of the tee piece. You need to remove the T Piece and connect the left and top hoses on the T piece together and then block up your tap on the air filter/maf housing. The rest of the pipework was to a solenoid used to control the flap on the back of the airbox. The problem is that the ECU is seeing a different mixture caused by said pipework. I've had this, done as above and not had any problems since. HTH
  15. If you're still going for them; I would deffo say go for 205/50/16. They fit snug on the OE Wheel - Here's a pic of my previous CTS with 205/50/16 Eagle F1 GSD3's:
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