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  1. I'll tell you now; the only thing you'll miss is the lift....that's coming from experience Otherwise enjoy your EX Steve - Type-S P.S. Take a look over on civinfo.com
  2. I'm 6'5" and 120kg; I was looking to change my Corolla TSport and looked at the Auris; Although I could fit; I found the top of the seat wasnt supportive around my shoulder area so subsequently didnt get one... Now got a Honda Civic Type-S which is more comftable :)
  3. Top Work! Looks really good; You can tell the quality is excellent by the welds.... They wont be able to reproduce as each exhaust is individual. I did contact Mongoose a couple of months ago to see if they did anything for the CTS; they didnt and were not interested either due to the low volumes. :(
  4. Deffo reccomend giving Green Light a call; Mine was £382 F/C with Business Milage, 10k policy, 17" Alloys and Induction Kit... Oh and I was 27 at the time!
  5. I appreciate yours is a CTS-C; I traded my CTS '55, 19.7K Miles in 3 weeks ago and got £7,200. Many dealers dont know what it is; so base it on a normal CTS. Steve
  6. 45% Residual (On new) isnt terrible i suppose, enjoy the Civic, if you've got a Diesel you'll love the torque, if not not then just enjoy the steering/gearbox/clutch etc you do get used to the "bar"! Long Live the lift addicts Lift is the only thing I'm missing at the moment. Sadly like most people say; there's nothing in the current Toyota range that was tempting. Tried an Auris SR T180, but the driving position was all wrong for me. Went for the 1.8 Petrol as I dont do that many miles; so didnt seem financially sensible going down the Diesel route; Would have liked to and remap to ~180hp though :D
  7. For Info: Chopped my 05/55 Facelift 19.5K CTS in on 06/06/08 and got £7,200. HTH :)
  8. Have you tried Ebay? Usually a couple on there from reputable companies...
  9. Custom is the only route available. I contacted Mongoose a couple of months ago to ask if they would make anything for the CTS. They wouldent due to no demand :( I suspect the fact that the centre section is integrated with the cat doesent help...
  10. I think 18's are a tad too big and would have a tram-lining effect. 17's are much better suited to the CTS/CTSC. Here's mine: Steve
  11. I'd seen the Parkers valuations, but wasnt sure how realistic they were. I know in a Private Sale; it's worth what someone is prepared to pay for it, but not sure about part-chop.
  12. Hi All, Looking at selling my CTS. Doubt I will be staying in the Toyota fold as there's nothing I like and the Auris just isnt for me. Anyone know what I would be looking to get for my CTS if I traded it in?? It's a 2005/55 with 19.5k Miles, Full TSH. Will come with the standard wheels (My wheels are up for sale, see link in Sig) Pic: Cheers
  13. Have a look on the e of !Removed! for a PowerTec SL1 - It's a Blitz / Stainless Steel copy. It's a good filter and cheaper than a K&N. All you are paying for with the K&N is the name and the hard pipe between the filter and the throttle body. HTH
  14. Woody In your pic here: You have the pipe coming out of the small inline filter to the T piece and one connection coming off the top of the tee piece. You need to remove the T Piece and connect the left and top hoses on the T piece together and then block up your tap on the air filter/maf housing. The rest of the pipework was to a solenoid used to control the flap on the back of the airbox. The problem is that the ECU is seeing a different mixture caused by said pipework. I've had this, done as above and not had any problems since. HTH
  15. If you're still going for them; I would deffo say go for 205/50/16. They fit snug on the OE Wheel - Here's a pic of my previous CTS with 205/50/16 Eagle F1 GSD3's:
  16. You wont; closest size is 205/50/16 which is the same rolling radius as the OE 195/45/16. HTH
  17. As already said; Goodyear Eagle F1. There are two types: GS-D2: GS-D3: I always use Eagle F1 GS-D3's when mine need replacing. Excellent grip in the wet/dry and excellent life. I average about 12k miles per set. For reference I paid about £80 per corner in 205/50/16. HTH
  18. This lot has been on EBay before...The seller is after some funny prices and not willing to split. There's a thread on here somewhere about it.
  19. I wouldent bother with a pulley as to really get the benefit you would need to balance the crank. You do run the risk of increased vibrational issues which could be fatal. Charger pulley; again this would be messing with the boost. IMO you really need an intercooler to see any real benefits, otherwise you run the risk of the mixture running too hot and combined with the high C/R, you run the risk of increased pinking/det. The other issue is how far the ECU is mapped for boost. I would imagine that it would go into limp home mode if it runs anything other than stock boost. Dastek are piggy back ECU's which isnt really a good idea. Someone off here Gary (K19NE_G) booked into get this done on his CTS and was unable, but cant remember the reason. Apexi seems to be the ECU of choice, but there is always DTA. May be worth taking a look over on NewCelica as they have a map database for all the different ECUs/NA/Charger combinations. HTH
  20. Yes they will create heat as ultimately they are compressing air. How much heat depends on how much air you compress. If possible, it would be beneficial to get a FMIC as this will cool the charge temp and as such present you with a denser mix of air/fuel and result in more power. Open Cone Filter - Exhaust manifold is at the back of the engine bay on the CTS/CTSc, so as long as you put something in to direct air flow, you will be OK.
  21. Very nice. Just need to get yourself an open cone filter and let that supercharger whine rip!
  22. so cos you cant be ar5ed you think some other mug will measure for you LOL ******. It's chumps like you with comments like that which dont help this so-called "community" I was asking if anyone knew off-hand. If I wasnt bed bound with the flu then I would go and fetch the verniers and do it myself!
  23. Anyone know what the throttle body diameter is please? I'm guessing 72mm...Feel like *****, otherwise I would get the verniers out and go measure! Cheers
  24. Looking for one to take apart... Anyone got one?
  25. I take it these are sold? If not, Do you know if they would also fit an E12? May know someone.
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