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  1. Many Thanks that I will try Thanks
  2. Thanks try in germany france china uk.. But they dont have any more
  3. Hi.Thanks. I will take Photo today. Years ago I did buy 4 carbon..of them from Ebay Getmany..
  4. Hello. Do you know where to bay a set of this carbon bumber corner lip I have broken my left corner back lip.. Try to find them on the webb but no luck. Regaeds Bernhard
  5. Yes he have used another ampf..
  6. Thanks..I will ask if all this have be don.. all that . Tem are ok..right...Thanks..
  7. Many Thanks manual AC...they sai ..the fuse is ok. Same with relay... the power never come down to the comp....the computer sai..when they plug it in no power.i think I get a sommer with no AC .. Thanks again..
  8. Hi From Denmark My ac dont work..the el specialist in ac have spend 9 ahours to tryv to fix it..there come no power to the compressor..it works..New head box is on..but still no power to the comp..he think now it can be a mecanik problem? Any idet here Thanks he have be doing ac rep..fore 40years and have never giv up a problem..but now he dont now what to do..he have check all elvire to.Thanks Bernhard
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