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  1. Finally - picked it up yesterday and had a great 150 mile drive home. Currently having it's first full charge. Couldn't be happier with it.
  2. Doesn't seem to be any logic to it all.
  3. So - heard today that my Design PHEV has arrived! Can pick it up from 25th, which is actually two days earlier than the original estimate when I ordered it in January. Dealership are amazed - so am I!
  4. Just a thought. I ordered a Design PHEV in Jan, and delivery quoted end July. I wonder if, by specifying the 'basic' model, delivery is sooner than for Dynamic & Dynamic Premium which will probably have more components, especially electronic ones. Some of you seem to have been quoted even longer delivery times than me for these higher spec models. I did have to forgo the factory fitted tow bar as they couldn't get the wiring loom for it - wonder if I could get just the tow hitch fitted by the dealer as I mostly tow a small trailer - and only on 'private roads' of course - and then have the electrics done when available. I heard recently of some cars (not Toyota) being held up as part of the indicator system was made in Ukraine.
  5. Cheers, that will while away the hours!
  6. Thanks Bill, well that's encouraging. Hope you like it!
  7. I ordered a PHEV Design spec 17th Jan this year, and at the time the dealer gave late July as delivery. I mailed him a week or two ago and he still says 27th July. So in that case it must already be on the way from Japan. After reading some of your posts I admit to being rather sceptical! - but fingers crossed. It's an NFU deal, so I think is classed as fleet.
  8. Well, emailed the dealer the other day and his system says 27th July, which is pretty much what was given in January when we ordered it. Time will tell - still no VIN. Maybe a VIN isn't allocated until the vehicle is made??
  9. Yes I've been on MyT for some time with my Landcruiser, but the RAV doesn't appear. I suspect the dealer needs to link my order to it - will ask him to do it.
  10. Thanks all, Trying to be patient, and telling myself to wait until June before starting to pester the dealer. Ho hum....
  11. Retired MN & oil rig r/o. Lots of good memories there! Currently on my second Landcruiser, (first was a 100 V8 lpg conversion, presently a 150 3.0 diesel 2011) but ordered a RAV4 PHEV in January - delivery????? How long is that piece of string? Cheers Rick
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