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  1. i managed to download maps for uk+eu ,it said free and have no idea if its the 2018 already installed or later. the dowload was done on a laptop with mytoyota NOT the phone app. i looked online how to install and it said when you download the maps from my purchases/downloads you get a security key number. i have none of that. i can not find on the pc version or phone app updating the unit software. dont know if mine is old like the mates etc.
  2. I am getting more confused the more i read. So is there any way i can at least get google maps to work on the screen rather than the iffy supplied system?
  3. I have found that mine is the MM16 ,just registered it on "mytoyota" Ihave seen this unit working with mirror apps on youtube with android phones. Does this forum allow links to youtube? i can link it,i do not think its a scam regards getting it working. its all free to download apps on google store etc.
  4. Jeeeezzzz, what a web page,its a nightmare. managed to register the unit and verify the car to check service history etc. found the page with available purchases but could not click on any,even the ones to pay for. my maps was dated 2018, europe was free but again could not click. now i can not get back on the media page.
  5. Thanks for the link. just stated a account on the website but can not find any option to register the media unit.
  6. Had the 2019 for couple weeks now and trying to use our phones with the system like the saleman said it could. We can get the phone paired and use for calls etc BUT can not get google maps to show on the screen. We are not spring chickens so new tech can be a challenge. So looked on youtube and even the unit we have seems a unkown, with Toyota Touch 2, Toyota Touch & Go, and Toyota touch & go plus being fitted to our year. On you tube many have "mirror linked" theie phones with link apps ans car app lauchers. I have tried many of each with no luck. i would at least like to be able to use google maps,with our android phones. is there a easy way to link phone to media unit,seen many just use usb from phone to usb socket in front of gear lever and pretty much all phone apps etc show on the unit. it took me a week of trying to realise "car play" is not even fitted to our unit!!
  7. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  8. Hello, just got my wife a C-HR 2019. Very pleased so. Have no issues just trying to find out how stuff works. I do not find the media system easy to use. I dislike the nav system. Also the salesman said its very easy to mate phone to the system ,iphone or android. While trying to use our phones android with the car i soon found out that "car play" is not on our year! So ,my first question is, while going through menus i found the software to be 6.11.2WH and sure maps said 2019. i think i read that maps have to be paid for but being i do not like the fitted nav i wont bother but should update software? ifso is it a MD or can we do it ourselfs? thank you
  9. Hello, as you would guess i am a new member. Due to my wifes latest car. C-HR 1.8 2019 hybrid. Pearl white with black roof. Had the car apx 2 weeks and she loves it. Prior to this she had a Nissan Juke 2021, bought at 10 months old.looked loverly drove not so! sold after 3 weeks! As said she loves the C-HR but need help on a few things so please look out for any posts. Many thanks Sid
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