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  1. No, as mentioned it became available with MY22. I believe the function only works if your Yaris Excel is registered July 2021 or later.
  2. *UPDATE* As the feature was fundamental to myself for having to do long commutes at stupid hours in the morning, I would benefit with the feature in the winter months having the ability to preheat the car. I decided to contact the dealer and explained it didn't have the feature when I was told it had. In the end, I decided to purchase a brand new one as there may be no recall or possibility to update, having been in contact with Toyota head office UK. Please do not quote me on this but as previously mentioned in the topic, if anyone would like this feature available, make sure you purchase a Dynamic or Excel grade that is registered July 2021 onwards - please refer to... https://media.toyota.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/sites/5/pdf/210713M-Yaris-Full-Release-1.pdf Thanks again to all for your help and support. I hope others find this useful. Many happy miles with your Yaris Hybrid!
  3. That's very strange, you would think it would be available on my 21 excel.
  4. I think I’ll try that. Thanks to everyone for your time and support!
  5. Yes the the excel model i have is keyless entry/push button start.
  6. The services are connected but there’s no climate control function. I was told that it is possible to do it before I bought it. The car was registered in May 2021.
  7. It’s seems strange how some and others don’t have the feature considering it’s the latest model..
  8. Hello to you Yaris drivers. I have just purchased a new (used) Yaris Excel Hybrid 21-registration. I’m very pleased with it but before purchase, I was told it would be possible to set the climate control from my phone in advance before entering the car but after purchase and setting up the car in the application, it appears that it’s not a feature on my model but I have the latest model? Please can someone advise?
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