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  1. Thanks again for your info on this kind regards
  2. I see I think the c1 and peugeot 107 almost exactly the same inside engine so I'm guessing keys be the same too ok ... I just looking for a cheap solution save a few penny's as I see people selling used key fobs complete on ebay and the scanner i have does key coding but if the chip can only be written once then pointless .. ok thank you ll for your answer to my problem
  3. Yes the scanner was Iver £700 comes complete with everything professional version thanks steve
  4. Yes sorry foxwell gt65 bidirectional scanner that does key coding haven't tried it yet as don't no if I purchase a used key fob from ebay off another car that I can re program it to my ecu via scanner if that makes scene thanks steve
  5. Ok thank you for that ill have a look at my Foxconn diagnostic scanner and see what is involved in reprogram the key/fob as it does key programming . But understand what you saying on the ecu ... ok thank you
  6. Thanks for your response Yes I need the hole lot so can I reprogram a used key fob complete with key from ebay this would be programed to another car I have the Foxconn bidirectional scanner that does key coding can I over ride the used key Information with my own car ecu information do you no thanks steve
  7. Hi all .... bran spanking new to toyota need some Information if anyone can help . just bought a 2011 toyota Aygo nice little car and sadly came with 1 key fob my question is can I buy I used key fob from let's say ebay from a different car and reprogram it and get a key cut from a blank is this possible... and can I program this my self . I've bought my self a foxcom bi-direct scanner that does key coding well does everything or there is another method of opening closing doors is this possible on a used ebay purchase from another car ? Thanks for your time
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