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  1. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  2. For the last four nights running, my 2019 Corolla’s alarm has triggered during the night, each time between about midnight and 2 am. For the first three nights it triggered twice within about half an hour, so of course last night I was lying there waiting for the second time, but it only happened once. No previous problems with the alarm, and having been around a fair bit during the daytime, I am reasonably confident it’s only happening at night. I am away from home in Italy at the moment, and it’s parked on the street in bright sunshine during the daytime. Also a few days ago I saw a medium-sized spider in the car. Otherwise I am stumped as to explanations; no-one is tampering with it as the street is empty when it happens, and there is no passing traffic or other vibrations. Any suggestions as to quick fixes I might try, as I don’t really want to get it looked at until I get home?
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