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  1. I have a black Japanese Import that blew the head gasket, had the engine restored but not a full rebuild to the car. I no longer have anyone to put the car back together and looking to sell her to anyone wishing to do a full rebuild or take the whole car for parts. I live in Oxford. I had wanted to have the car restored but have to admit defeat. ruth
  2. Hi I have a TOYOTA CELICA GT 3DR HATCH PETROL 1998CC MANUAL which sadly blew the head gasket some years back. Since then it has had the start of an engine rebuild which a qualified race mechanic put back together but he then moved out of the area and my darling car sits on the drive gathering moss. The engine is now complete. All of the bits are within the car and so as I cannot find anyone to take on the challenge and am putting it up for breaking unless anyone with time on their hands, money in their pocket and the desire to rebuild this car wishes to do so. It is an Japanese import and registered here in 1999. Black manual and to go as seen with all that it has with it. I am open to offers but please if anyone does want to take it then the offers need to be sensible.
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