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  1. Thanks for checking, hopefully is just the gas needing a recharge then.
  2. Thanks guys. It could be that. Won't touch anything then. Many thanks for your help.
  3. I checked it yesterday and it is a crap filter, it was bent a bit on one corner but wasn't too dirty, was going to replace it soon.
  4. Tony have you ever checked on yours and seen if these white cogs have that grease over them? I'm pretty sure that shouldn't be there, no?
  5. Thank you so much man, you're a legend. The only thing is that now I'm not entirely sure that the actuator itself might be the issue since I saw it move. I think I should replace those white cogs that are covered in crap, I think the part is this. Regardless, do you know if they're meant to move or more importantly, if they are supposed to have that junk all over them, surely that's not right?
  6. It's climate then, mine is just like this:
  7. Ok guys so I went and removed a cover that is on the driver's footwell to get a better look and see if I found this motor we've been mentioning and I think I found it, moreover, I saw it move when I was playing with the temp settings, I was switching from LO to HI and also from recirculating to not recirculating, so perhaps that's not the issue. But I also saw those two big white cogs which seem to be covered in grease or something like that, I hope that's not some sort of glue lol. I didn't see them move and I imagine they are supposed to? Does anyone know what they're for? I imagine they also help regulate something related to the air con I also recorded a short video to show the little noise that comes from the vent that doesn't blow cold air, hopefully you can notice what I mean, not sure if it might have to do with low gas? Air con video
  8. Thank you anyways. I don't think I have dual zone but I will keep the diagram you sent to check with the scan tool.
  9. Thank you, I'm also considering this since I'm not entirely sure I am right. Thank you so much, where did you even get this from? I'm not entirely sure to be honest, I looked at the drivers footwell to see if it is around there and I saw something similar to the component listed on the diagram you posted with number 87106J, perhaps that means I have dual zone climate? I'm not sure because I didn't see anywhere that it has dual zone. I'm also not entirely sure what it may be, I assume that mech/flap component you mention is in charge of changing the airflow depending on the mode you set it in? (I.e to the feet or face) because that works, it's simply that the 2 vents on the driver side don't blow cold air, but the passenger side is all nice and cold when you put the AC on. It also makes a small noise at first, I will see if I can record a video of that.
  10. Hey guys, Could anyone tell me where the location of the air heater flap motor/actuator is? I believe this is also called the blend door actuator. This is basically a little motor that regulates a flap, it changes its position for cold or hot air. I believe the part number is MF113800-2810PLS. I basically have a 2011 Auris hybrid and the driver side vents don't blow cold air, but the passenger side vents blow it nicely cold. I am going crazy trying to search for a picture or diagram that shows where it is. Anybody has had a similar issue before? I'd be very grateful for any help. Regards, Samuel
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