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  1. Thanks for the reply - can I ask were you purchased your Estima from, just trying to get as much knowledge as possible about a good dealer to go to - so more information the better! Thank for for your help and input.
  2. I am new to the forum. I have been a Mazda Bongo owner for the last 12 years, loved the car , but it has now got to a stage were I have to replace with a newer car. I have been researching, and have come across the Estima / Alphard/Vellfire , and since I am a big fan of Japanese imports ( such great value and great cars ) We are looking for a family car, with two kids, we ca use as a run around, and then being able to take on a few road trip each year. I have just starting my research now, so would love people input and reviews of these cars. So far the Estima has interested me the most, looking at spending around the 10,000 mark, but nor sure if the hybrid v petrol is there much difference in fuel costs, and is it worth the more money ? The other aspect I would love to know more about is there much difference in the year types, anything I should be looking for? Is there a better year than others? So far I think 2010 fits my budget I love in London, can anyone recommend a good dealer to go and look at some cars? I am planning to go visit TM UK trading , anyone had any dealings with them? Thanks for your help, would love to read any ideas and input people could give me.
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