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  1. Thanks for the advice Cyker, owners manual now downloaded. Look forward to reading every section before I go to sleep at night!
  2. Is there any way to download the Yaris Cross owners manual without using the VIN number as I don’t have mine yet. Cheers
  3. That’s a nice colour. Saw my first Yaris Cross parked outside Marks and Spencer this evening. It was plain white and looks really good with the black privacy glass and dark wheel arch trims. That’s the colour I ordered too. Cheers
  4. Thanks everyone for your comments so far. For the past 30 years I’ve owned Audi/VW vehicles, 5 with manual boxes and 6 with DSG boxes. I’m now retired but used to travel extensively throughout Scotland using mainly A and B class roads. One of the main criticisms of the DSG box was that it was a little bit “jerky” when emerging from junctions but with a light right foot you could eliminate that issue. Otherwise, the DSG was excellent over undulating and winding roads which some automatics might struggle with. Anyway, my needs have now changed as I now travel mainly on urban roads with occasional trips on the motorway. I did have a doubt about the CVT box on the Yaris Cross but after an interesting test drive I decided it was the car for me. I couldn’t believe that the car returned 76 mpg over a very short trip on the motorway followed by an urban route through the south side of Glasgow. Really impressed with Toyota and look forward to getting my Yaris Cross in the not too distant future. Please keep the comments coming in. Cheers
  5. Hi Everyone I’m new to the forum having recently ordered a Yaris Cross Design model. Delivery is estimated to be around October/November, so like many others I’m in for a fairly long wait. Maybe it’s early days but I was wondering if any members have actually received their Yaris Cross and what there overall impressions are of their particular model. Over the past 30 years I remained loyal to Audi/Volkswagen and their excellent DSG semi automatic gearbox but as my driving needs have changed I decided to look at other brands. The Yaris Cross immediately attracted me to a small SUV and after a really impressive test drive and the friendly sales team at Macklin Motors, Glasgow, I decided to move to Toyota. Hope some of the Yaris Cross owners will find some time time to give an update on their recent purchase. Cheer
  6. Thanks everyone for the welcome. Look forward to reading members opinions and experiences. Cheers
  7. Toyota at Macklin Motors gave an estimate of around 6-7 months but the sales team will get back to me shortly and give a more accurate update. As I said, this is my first purchase of a Toyota and was really impressed with all the staff at Macklin Motors, Glasgow.
  8. After owning Audis and Volkswagens for the past 30 years I have now purchased my first Toyota but will have to wait around 6 months before It’s delivered. I’m not ready to go the full electric vehicle route as I think it will be some years before the UK can guarantee nationwide coverage for charging vehicles and I’m still not convinced that people will spend extra cash on cars that really haven’t been tested on battery reliability and longevity. I have now ordered a Toyota Yaris Cross as hybrid vehicles appeal to me more. Initially, I had reservations about the CVT gearbox as I was a fan of the excellent DSG gearboxes from Audi and VW but after a test drive on motorway and urban roads It really was quite pleasant. Now it’s just a matter of waiting but I’m sure there are many people who have ordered cars recently will be affected by long delivery timescales. cheers
  9. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

    1. Davemufc


      Hi I’m Dave from Chester just took delivery of my Yaris cross premiere and loving it so far

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