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  1. Thanks for the explanation, you mention the 2.2 engines needed new injectors - was that with the t25 Avensis as I thought the newer T27 version was more reliable in that sense and without head gasket issues?
  2. Thanks guys. I noticed that the advert says 19 inch wheels but I wondered if they were incorrect as they look like 18inch. I'm only 36 and still have an interest in car aesthetics so i'm happy with the lower profile and willing to accept a little more risk of damage. If the car was on 17's I don't think it would interest me as much as the Mondeo in terms of appearance. Taxi501 : what would make you consider the Ford diesel again but not the Toyota? Simply as they feel better built?
  3. Hi all Apologies for another post following my query about how reliable the 2.2 d-4d dpf is for short journeys with the odd longer journey but I'm struggling to decide between two motors: 2011 Mondeo Titanium X sport 2.2 with 53k and full service history - The highest spec Mondeo available at the time and 200 break horsepower with an autobox (traditional torque converter). As most people know the Mondeo handles very well and the mk4 is very well built. I favour autos so this is appealing but it is renowned for only doing about 35mpg and ealy 40's on a run. Most owners suggest the the dpf is pretty robust and regenerates on its own every few hundred miles if required. This is definitely the more sporty of the two cars. 2012 Toyota Avensis 2.2 d4-d T-spirit Tourer with 63k and full dealer history - This again is the higher spec available but this has the manual box. Having read that the box in the 2.2 is clunky i'm a little worried i'll be disappointed with it. I'm also a little wary as to how it will cope with short journeys mixed in with some longer journeys. It's safe to say the Avensis is not as good as the Mondeo in terms of being a drivers car but I've always been a Japanese car fan at heart. I also have a Rottweiler so the estate is more practical, however the rear seat bases flip up in the Mondeo to provide a flat floor for the dog. I also love the Panromic roof. I know it has aftermarket 18's but I actually think they look really good, it must of been a t-spirit with the 17's and the owner wanted to upgrade. I am aware the suspension isn't the smoothest over rough surfaces. Both cars are around £8500 so there is little to choose between them both for value with both being the highest trim models. Or the alternative is to ditch both ideas and keep looking for a petrol which is proving a nightmare as they don't exist in T-spirit/Excel trim in the T27, the Mondeo does have the ecoboost but it's very rare. Really struggling here. Help! Pictures of both are attached. Regards Mark
  4. Thanks for the response. I had the 2.2 d-cat and only did minor local mileage without any problem but i know others have had issues. Do you know if there have been many reported issues on this forum with the manual setup? My 2.2 d-cat returned pretty poor mpg, pretty much bang on what you suggested. I then moved to a 2.0 petrol turbo octavia vrs which did much better mpg surprisingly. Didn't realise they did a 1.8 excel so thanks for that. The car i'm looking at is a white tourer with 18 inch wheels and the car looks so much better with a black panoramic sunroof hence why i'd rather the top spec if possible. #
  5. Hi Guys I'm in the market for a new estate car and was looking for a petrol engine due to the lack of dpf and dmf issues however I have stumbled across a perfect 2012 (62 plate) T-spirit tourer with the 2.2 d-4d engine which if I am correct is slightly different from the 2.2 d-cat which i had in my 2010 t-spirit a few years ago. Is the dpf system very reliable on the 2012 and does it regenerate sufficiently by itself if a few short journeys are undertaken? I only work about 20 minutes from work but the car would get up to temperature quickly as the first 10 minutes are on dual carriageway. I also do a few local trips around Norfolk for work. My head says the petrol is the better option but I love the condition of the car and you can't get anything higher than T4 spec in the 1.8. Any advice is welcome on this particular engine is welcome Regards Mark
  6. Thanks for the feedback. Have to say I looked at a 2.0 i-vtec accord and CRV and they do have huge appeal due to their reliable trustworthy technology.
  7. Thanks very much for your feedback. Just a shame that the market is dominated by diesels, very little choice if you wish to opt for petrol.
  8. Hi All To put it simply I am currently considering a 2011 Rav4 SR with the 2.2 D-cat engine. However my job does entail quite a few short journeys and the occasional longer journey. The distance is dependent on where the customers I am visiting live in and around the city that I work. I know for low mileage I should really be looking for a petrol engined vehicle but there is not a decent petrol engine available in the RAV. Does anyone know if there are known issues with dpf on the 2.2 when used for short journeys or does the automatic regeneration cycle work well when required? Regards Mark
  9. Thanks. Today the battery has been disconnected and the ecu reset. However after reconnection the accelerator was pressed a few times and on some occasions the revs did not come down..HOWEVER....if you put your foot under the throttle pedal and lift it up the revs return to normal. Therefore it seems I may be a victim of the sticky accelerator pedal and therefore i assume my car was never returned to Toyota for the recall. I'll be on the phone to them tomorrow to find out, I just hope the recall doesn't have an expiry date!
  10. Thanks Konrad for your suggestions. I was also thinking about warming the car up before taking it very far, as you can imagine it's a nightmare to drive to warm it up. Funny how this fault just appeared so it could suggest a moisture problem,
  11. Hi All I wonder if anyone can suggest the problem I have with my Auris. We have a 08 1.6 vvti SR Auris which was bought for my wife to learn to drive in. The reality is that it has been sitting on my parents drive for around 5 months with no use. We have decided to sell the car now as my wife would like something different. However today I went to collect the car from my parents and came across a problem. I thought I would take it for a little drive around the block as my father has only just charged up the battery as it has gone dead. For the first few minutes the car created alot of smoke/vapour whilst idling which was understandable but this did settle down. However when taking the car for a drive when I changed gear the revs were rising in between gear changes which i understand is an emissions feature on the toyotas but the problem is when changing at a slightly higher speed i.e 2nd to 3rd the revs climbed all the way to between 6-7,000 rpm and would not come down again and i had to turn the ignition off. The first time i turned the ignition back on the car went back to normal revs however the second time it happened the car returned to high revs when starting up again. This problem didn't exist before the car had been sitting for a few months and before the battery died. Could it be the car detects that the emissions are high and is way over compensating or do I have a sensor problem? Any help greatly received as we are looking to sell the vehicle. Thanks Mark
  12. No glowing reports then I suppose the hard ride is dependent on what you have driven in the past, i've had a lot of performance cars in the past so we probably wouldn't find it as harsh as people who have typically owned soft cars in the past. I could however just hold out for a Mazda 3 or Civic between 3-3.5k but the Auris seemed like a fairly modern type of motor for not much money and in great condition too.
  13. Hi My wife has finally decided that she would like to learn to drive. I currently drive an automatic Honda Accord but as she will be learning in a manual I have decided to sell it and purchase a reliable smaller car. I have seen a very clean 1.6 SR which looks nice with the bigger wheels and privacy glass etc. What i am ideally looking for is a car that I will not hate driving (i am a petrol head) whilst she learns to drive as it will be our only car and i will then hand it over to her when she passes and i will get a car that i really want. Is the handling really as bad as some of the reviews suggest or are they just biased? Also does the 1.6vvti suffer any oil consumption issues like the 1.8's did? Regards Mark
  14. Hi All I am looking for a new motor and have come across a nice T180 for what i consider to be a very competitive price for the mileage and specification of the car. See below: http://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201512019127739?page=2&onesearchad=used%2Cnearlynew%2Cnew&sort=default&postcode=NR10%203SA&price-from=2000&model=avensis&search-target=usedcars&price-to=5000&make=toyota&radius=70&logcode=p However I only do around 8k miles per year and do quite a bit of town driving. Having read quite a bit on here regarding T180 weaknesses i am guessing this would be a poor choice of motor which could end up costing me quite a bit to maintain considering it hasn't had a clutch or dmf in it's lifetime. Also the car has no history to suggest any major engine work in the past and i keep reading that the early models to suffer from engine block problems and blown head gaskets. I appreciate that a petrol engine would be the best bet for my mileage but as Toyota don't offer a strong performance petrol engine in their range this would be my only consideration if i was to buy an Avensis. Any thoughts? Regards Mark
  15. Well i tried a 1.8 manual today in good condition and 90k. I drove well but i struggled with the clutch bite being so High and kept over reving it. But most importantly i found my size 13 shoes were hitting an obstruction above the clutch peddle meaning it was hard to fully depress it. Ive found this on a couple of cars now. So i guess that means i need to find an auto
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