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  1. Toyota Yaris has been returned back to us from a frustrated customer that has had intermittent starting problems. The vehicle has been recovered and taken to an AA Approved Garage that have completely taken advantage of this lady. Charged her for 6hrs of diagnostics and testing (haven't done anything). Concluded that that the earth connection was corroded. They replaced the battery, cleaned and reconnected the earth connections and replaced the ignition switch. Charged the customer £680.00 and returned the vehicle. Exactly 48hrs later the customer cannot start the vehicle and the garage are not interested and won't help. We took the vehicle to a very ethical Auto-electrician who checked the vehicle and suspect that the problem is with the auto-transmission. Possibly with the auto-transmission position sensor or the clutch actuator and recommended that the vehicle needs to go back to Toyota to confirm this. The brake pedal is engaged and the display shows that the transmission is in Neutral. Before we crank the engine over the transmission can be shifted to R, E and Manual Mode and back to N. Please note that when the vehicle starts and drives there are absolutely no facts with the auto-transmission and the vehicle drives beautifully. Sometimes, when we shift the gear stick sideways the vehicle will crank and start. Other times regardless of what we do and how many times we try the ignition, the vehicle does absolutely nothing at all. We go back to it several hours later and it will start immediately. The vehicle seems to have a mind of its own! The Yaris is now booked with TOYOTA for diagnostics. Pls note that the Yaris had the Clutch replaced by Toyota in Dec 2021 (£1081.00) and I suspect that something has gone wrong during assembly and these problems have ensued since then?? Anybody experienced similar symptoms? Any help would be welcomed. Kind regards
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