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  1. Thanks guys. Rattling started around five days ago, just as I was leaving for an 800 mile round trip. Sounded light and around the exhaust, in front of rear right wheel, but I wasn't dressed for crawling around underneath, so left it, and worried, until I got back. Checked online and found this forum, and indeed the heat shield (aluminium) had simply worn/corroded through around the fixing bolt and washer, and dropped down one end. Removed the bolt (10mm socket) after spraying WD40 and a few in/out manoeuvres to ease the thread (not spraying the exhaust!), and cut a large aluminium washer from an old scrap lightweight shelf, drilled a 6mm hole, bolted it on and no more rattle. No facility to get under the car, so did this from one side at road level, but was able to get a phone/camera under, and there isn't another corroded-through bolt, so fingers crossed that's it for a few years.
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