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  1. Last time I drove to le man it was better than the actual race 🤣
  2. Yes posted some stock pics , this is mine. The car will direct you to Toyota EU to download a new map which has to go on a USB
  3. It's not OTA, you have to use a usb stick ob 2020 models, android auto and Toyota online will not work at the same time
  4. That's how the lights are described in the specs sheet, what are 'guides'. I know we don't have the AFS adaptive lights like they do in the US, we just have the auto high beam, which doesn't seem to work very well after reading the reviews in here, but the word 'guides' is not explained in the manual. Is it just a generic word or actually mean something?
  5. So basically a hybrid has an e-cvt which isn't really a CVT and doesn't have the launch 1st gear?
  6. This will only work for the newer system I think, I have my car synced with MyT, I have tethering on, I have the info system registered yet it would go over, the info system still says go to toyota.eu and download which is via usb
  7. My understanding is the UK 2.0ltr does come with launch gear
  8. Awesome thanks, I'm all synced and set up with MyT so will do that . Next Google search , can the Touch 2 screen be swopped with the newer one
  9. Lol, cruise users save printer industry!
  10. Toyota insurance are so painful to deal to deal with, 1hr on hold then useless service, i just cancelled and went elsewhere
  11. Usb map updates, gotta buy a USB stick? What is this 1998?
  12. Will add something to the list, I'll remove hill hold its fantastic, but add in the wheel arch gap on the rears seems more than the fronts and can't unsee it
  13. You are still behind the times Roy, no printers anymore 😅
  14. Ok first drive around town the hill assist is excellent, still creeps with light touch on the break, activates with harder press, very clever, I'm converted
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