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  1. I have asked if they offer a lower spring rate for the Tein. Awaiting a reply
  2. Thank you. Sorry for the delay in getting back to this. Also worth mentioning none of these part numbers cross-reference with other models. If I remember correctly I used 7zap to do this. For those looking to improve the ride quality, the Tein option could be worth it. According to their blurb they address much of the issues I'm getting with the ride quality: "The original car's tall unstable feel is suppressed and front/rear body roll balance is change to make rear movements more stable, for stability improvement. Steering feel is set to be milder than the original, in order to suppress sudden behavior attributable to short wheelbase of the original car. Stiff ticking/tapping feel on street at low to mid speed is reduced, to improve comfortability for everyday driving"
  3. Correct, the IQ3 has the 1.33 1NR-FE engine. Agreed. I've always had coilovers setup professionally (but not always corner-weighted) The Tein street advance Z look like a good option because they use O.E top mounts. I've found pillowball top mounts to always make the ride noticeably harsher. Spring rates notwithstanding. As you say, they are very expensive, but I can't see any quality dampers from the likes of Koni, Eibach, Bilstein etc. A quality spring and damper setup would suit the purpose of this car much better.
  4. Hi, I wanted to find out if anyone has fitted aftermarket shock absorbers from an aygo or Yaris? Is this even possible? If so, it may open up options for aftermarket dampers from the likes of eibach, bilstein, koni etc. My goal is to improve the mid-speed ride of the car. Thanks, Dan
  5. Hi @BanzaiQ I have the same issue on the driver side of my IQ3. Did you manage to resolve this issue?
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