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  1. Where did you order yours? Are they for Corolla TS as well?
  2. What battery do you get on the new car?
  3. No cover on the Swace either.
  4. Get the same on the Swace. Good to know I'm not the only one 😅
  5. I tried your method but couldn't work out how to remove it still was afraid I might break it too. Any video or diagram would be great help 😅 My one is filled with mud from previous owner! Also discovered under the chassis my one is full of mud and easily holds mud. A job I have to clear out to prevent future rust. Previous owner must have lived in a muddy countryside!
  6. Was fitting mud flaps on the Estate and on the last one at the passenger side rear wheel one. After popping out the studs and pulling out the rear bumper to put in the nut springs, a rubber fell down that I did not see on the other wheels. Not sure where this goes back in, could not clearly see underneath the car. In the middle it has written on it BP 1/2
  7. Just ordered PW301-02003 for the Swace. Is it easy to install?
  8. Just to confirm 53008-02050 is for HB and 53008-02060 is for TS/Swace?
  9. Cheers I'll give some of these advice a go. The dealer said it should have been done as I told them about it before putting deposit and it was going to get a full valet to sort it out. But on buying day after driving off it was still there although it was very clean. They called me to check how the car was and I told them about it and they will send some kind of spray or something to sort it out where I won't be able to drive the car for the whole day. So after using these stuff it is best to change the cabin filter afterwards as well?
  10. I bought a used 2020 Swace recently. When you turn the air con on or just the fans itself, it stinks of dog or something for the first 20 seconds and then goes away (or I got used to it). Would changing the cabin filter rectify this? If so does anyone know the part number for the filter and where I can get one or any aftermarket ones which fits?
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