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  1. How about err monday 25th or tues 26th sound to you?
  2. Ahh they cut me down to 10 messages grrrr. I'll call again soon man. Or u should come on a road trip down the the big smoke mate.
  3. click here think that should do the trick dont you? lol
  4. Wow Jerry Look at all ur posts lol. Uve been very busy! Its gonna take 5 - 6 months before ive done the engine conversion, which is why ive got the RX7! Hows the car going? anything new been done to it? Is ryan posting much these days, looks like there are a lot of new names on the forum! Looking good steve! I might come to some meets soon, as long as u all dont mind a Jet black 7 comming along lol
  5. Sorry guys, I havnt posted in quite a while, ive been busy with new jobs etc! Gutted i misses Japfest this year, especially as the last one was so much fun!!! Same with JAE aswell... ive neglected the club scene this year a bit! My project is going a bit slow at the mo, so ive bought an 92 RX7 with 20,000 miles on the clock to keep me having fun till ive finished the celica.... The RX7 is lovely though, gonnabe picking it up on monday, really sexy example! Hopefully i'll be able to post more soon! Having fun at JAE Ryan?
  6. Id love to go, though im afraid it wouldnt be in my celica lol, still think i can make it :-)
  7. As i cant see the pic i cant comment lol, but im guessing its a TE71 so there!!!! Ive been real busy and havnt had a chance to post in such a long time, so im sorry guys! how are the meets going? The old girl is slowly comming along.
  8. Lol what kinda sound was it mate, was it induction sucking, or exhaust blowing lol
  9. Hi guys, Just a quick update. Ive cut a pretty big hole in the transmission tunnel for the new lever, but im now waiting to have some new gearbox mounts welded up, so things are a little slow until ive done that. Ive started painting the engine a nice shade of red, which is really dating it and making it look far more period which is cool, but im afraid i cant get any pics up unless ryan fancies driving to oxfordshire and taking a couple of snaps lol. Its all still pretty exciting though for me, just cant wait to finish
  10. Dont forget about LCengineering to, they are a great source for those engines.
  11. Hi mate, Do a search under stephos hompage, or one for toyota diffs, and u will come across a site with all the info u will need... i think. look at axle width etc. but im guessing they should be the same....
  12. Thanks Guys, dont reccon it will be finished until around August though!!!
  13. :group-cuddles: Wow thanks guys, spent it the best way i know how, buy cutting out an engine from its bay!!!!!! Maybe a little bit sad, but very exciting none the less!!! Got a new TV, and my G friend bought me a red letter day for Go-karting :hokus-pokus:
  14. Hi guys, well ive been busy as a beaver, and completely stripped my 200sx for G-box and engine and just about everything i can nab off it!!! At the moment its tipped on its side....... After some quick measurements, it looks like the swap will go fairly easily, putting the gear lever about 25cm's further back than the stock position, but everything looks cool. God though, do you realise how much wiring there is on modern cars!!! I think thats gonna be my biggest problem, but we will see.... Thats about it for now, im working my head around upgrading the front struts, to those from a MK2 supra's (Gus i might need some measurements from u ) The other thing i have to work out is the rear axle and driveshaft..... SR20DET here we come!!!
  15. LOL i run mine old thing on unleaded, so im sure your fine, with any version of the 4AG
  16. hmmm.... what serries gearbox has it got?
  17. Lovely kit, i especially like those deep dish minilight style wheels.
  18. Im sorry to hear that mate, i know you love your car. Good luck with selling it though, if know one here takes it, sell it in retro classics... there was about 4 listings for one, under the wanted section....
  19. I cant even describe how that makes me feel.......
  20. Scot

    For Sale

    Well mate are you gonna buy it... i know what your thinking.... when i was younger lol!!!!
  21. Just saw the first of two cars today, looks very positive for me!!!!! just a shame im gonna lose that induction raw of the webers!!
  22. Theirs loads of stuff like that in the DT cat, just not on there website mate... im sure!!!
  23. Lol, i want to be this first person in this country to do it... lol I think the 1G needs more work to fit aswell, but dont quote me on that. The car im looking at has around 250bhp.... :P in a 950kg car is gonna be fun
  24. Thats it, im gonna have a look at the nissan 200sx engine for a transplant this wkend!!!!! Yey!!!!! God, i can feel that excitment comming again. Beware unsuspecting world lol
  25. Oooohhh nasty mate, guess it knows its fate lol Have fun And drive very Very carefully
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