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  1. I do plan on getting it serviced at Toyota as I’ve found other places don’t offer what I need, thanks for the advice
  2. my parcel shelf is ok at the minute but I’ll keep an eye on it, the alloys are a little scuffed but tbh what 11 year old cars aren’t
  3. Thanks everyone, I’ve heard about the catalytic converter thefts so I’m definitely going to look into securing that, the car has been serviced consistently at a Toyota garage, and November 2021 it had a full service as well as the hybrid battery being serviced, like I say I’m enjoying the car and how ridiculously smooth and quiet it is, always wanted a Toyota, especially a hybrid, given how Toyotas have a great reliability rep, they just weren’t in my price range until this year and when my old car (2006 Ford Focus) virtually died I thought I’d take the leap, glad I did. thanks again
  4. Hi guys, so I’ve recently bought a Toyota auris 2011 hybrid 1.8 t spirit (older model full history and only 25000 miles on the clock), I’m loving it so far but as with any new car you wonder if it’s right, I used to have Ford Focus and the only thing that beats the Auris on is boot space, I plan on keeping up with service history, I suppose my question(s) is, what are things I should look out for? It’s reliability, is the hybrid battery life up to 10 years or is mileage the key factor? thanks
  5. Well that’s good to hear that it’s not a bad sign, everything else about the car I’m confident in, but I just didn’t notice the noise at first, might be because I was on a “new” car high haha, thanks for the reassurance
  6. Hi, I’m new to owning Toyota, I have a 2011 Auris hybrid, I have a rather silly question, I start my car with the push button, after about 15 seconds the engine kicks in and last for about 2 mins before going quiet, is this normal? Are hybrids supposed to be quiet on the Auris on start up? Thanks
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