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  1. Hi All, How often do Toyota service rotate tyres and is it a standard on all makes. For those that choose to rotate their own do they torque the wheel nuts as recommended or use the provided jack kit tool and tighten . Thanks
  2. Hi All, According to the Auris user guide Toyota recommend genuine motor oil SAE 0W-20 or if unavailable SAE SW-30 Do all 1.2T owners use this or are there any other alternatives, if not are these the only two that can be used. Thanks
  3. Hi All, With the continued rise in fuel and cost of living increases do you think toyota used car prices will drop in the near future. Also how will this impact on owners who purchased cars within the last year and paid higher prices.
  4. Hi All, Apart from the haynes car manuals are there any online Auris Toyota tech manuals available to view. Also diagrams with parts numbers. Bob
  5. Hi, Was talking to another toyota owner today who has only done 400 miles in 6 months. He said that he would be lucky if he clocks up 1000miles this year. Was wondering what happens at toyota service with such low milage, do they still change the oil etc. Interested to know if anyone else does this low milage and what happened when serviced. Bob
  6. Hope this does come over here as I am sure many older vehicle owners would welcome a new paint job at a lower cost. Bob
  7. Hi All, What do owners think about this as and when it becomes available in the UK. Toyota to use new paint removal technology to 'dress up' cars ,More than 100 colors available to make older vehicles look brand new. KINTO, a Toyota group company based in Nagoya, will provide the new paint replacement service from a palette of more than 100 colors. Toyota Motor announced new paint removal technology that will enable the automaker to provide an added service by next year. The technology will make it possible to "dress up" cars. The body can be repainted with one of more than 100 colors chosen by the customer. The new coat also can be stripped off, allowing the original paint job to shine again, Toyota says. This will allow drivers to change the colors of their cars at will. They will also be able to avoid damaging their cars when stripping off no-longer-wanted paint, thereby maintaining resale value, the automaker said. The new technology comes as motorists show a growing tendency to own vehicles for longer. Toyota hopes the new technology will help drivers keep beloved cars and not tire of them. Bob
  8. Hi guys, In conversation today with other car owners and was wondering Do owners of todays Toyota cars stil consider its reputation as a top reliable manufacturer despite increasing problems with faults on cars being reported. Is the over reliance on computer technology affecting build quality. Would be great to read feedback Bob
  9. Thanks for the reply really helps.
  10. Hi guys, Can anyone recommend a good reasonably priced scan tool that will read and reset fault codes . Cheers Bob
  11. Just joined this forum and have owned a Auris 1.2T Auto 2017 since November 2021. This is our first Toyota but have owned a couple of Lexus many years ago. Cars under a warranty but will look forward to sound advice from you guys when needed.
  12. Hi All, New to this Auris forum and need some advice on the best brake discs and pads recommended for my Auris 1.2T auto 43,000m 2017. What OEM make doToyota use and what would be a good alternative match. Cheers All Bob
  13. Steve

    Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

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