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  1. I missed the gear bit on the questionπŸ₯΄
  2. From your post it would appear that this was not the first time this has happened and you have had problems with this a couple of times. I would certainly take Flash22 advice. Assuming that you paid for this when it happened before why not contact the garage explain what has happened and ask the manager if necessary to have a word with the mechanic. If you use this garage on any regular basis they should value your custom and give you the answer.
  3. A couple of items that have been mentioned previously on the forum and it is worth checking. 1.It could be that the plastic liner under the door card is damaged, thus allowing water that falls on the window to enter the car. Remove the card and check the condition of the plastic sheet. 2.There is a large sealing washer in the floor. If displaced, water enters from underneath... Hope this helps
  4. Wisdom will reward you with a crown of honor and glory.β€πŸ˜…
  5. That's interesting as I have just have the identical full service carried out but they changed the oil irrespective of how much milage the car has covered. It is part of the Toyota service schedule. My cost was Β£450 and included all the above and the oil change.πŸ€”
  6. Bper

    Snow Chains

    Hi Ken, Take a look at this link it may help you to understand why snow chains or ladder racks are fitted.Hope this gives you some help. https://www.roofbox.co.uk/snow-chains/buyers-guide.php
  7. Bper

    Phone mount

    Hi Ian, I recently had a problem trying to find a phone holder that would fit on the dash of our Auris. I was given one by a neigbour which had never been used . It had a suction cup to secure on the screen or dash but it didn't matter how I tried to secure it on the dash it would not stick. I used water and everything else except for superglue or a hammer and nailπŸ˜…. I gave it back in the end. However I purchased a vent support one off ebay and it has been fine. Unfortunately some years ago I had my car broken into and was told that thieves see these holders and think there could be a phone or other equipment in the car worth stealing. Regretfully that incident put me off leaving any holder on view. The vent ones sit below the dashboard and are very easy to remove when leaving the car out of view. This is the one I got cheap but does the job. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/313897109369 I'm sure if your looking for something more fancy there are plenty of members who will recommend one to you.πŸ‘
  8. IMO I think it was a balanced review and this guy covers many aspects that other car reviewers do not. If I was looking to buy this particular vehicle it would certainly help with the overall positive comments him gave.πŸ‘
  9. You mentioned the accelerator peddle was unresponsive this could be the peddle sensor and I would get that checked out ASAP as the last thing you want is for this to let you down. As Tonyhsd pointed out get a proper diagnostic on the brakes but do this on both problems and do not ignore theseπŸ€•.
  10. Hi Josh, Welcome, lot's of good advice when you need it and always welcome when you give it. On reading your earlier post I believe you have done considerable milage on you travels. Just wondering have you encounter any problems with the car and how has it been comfort wise on your journeys. Good to see these older cars still on the road.πŸ‘
  11. Bper

    Toyota iq radio

    Have a look at this link it may help. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/1362198/Toyota-Iq-2012.html?page=282
  12. I like the way you implanted this post but the tooth be told reading this is like pulling teeth. However I will brace myself for more. Please fillin where I left off.πŸ˜…
  13. don't you gargoyle with mouthwashπŸ˜…
  14. Cyker, yes but what you forget is they don't have to worry about running a sweet shop because the self serving people that they are would have eaten them all anyway. You are right about the way they should be vetted, but what about the idea that any manifesto that they put forward are given 6 months to implement and after this they have to prove they have done this and it works. If not they are automatically fired and a replacement is made until that do what they say. All of them would not be allowed outside interests and anyone of them found taking money other the from there parliamentary wage would be prosecuted and jailed. I guarantee they would do what they are paid for which is the biding of the people of this country. This also goes for the civil servants who only give lip service to the ministers as they are the ones that run the departments and the politicians are just mouth pieces for the government and media and won't be in the position for long. Failing that bring back oliver cromwell.πŸ˜…
  15. Yes I don't understand the logic in it, something must of changed with the business but unless you are able to see the profit and loss accounts I doubt you will ever know. From what I have read and posted iearlier today it is not a cheap enterprise to own one of these petrol stations. If anyone knows any different I would love to hear from them.☺️
  16. Yes I agree but isn't it ironic that the politicians take great pleasure in telling us what to do and how to live yet we vote for them to do our bidding and they just ignore us. I listen to talk show hosts interviewing independent politicians, certain political commentators and sensible business people who understand the needs of the people. We ask 'why are these people not in government?', they understand what's wrong with the economy and have credible plans to put things right. If we don't all wake up to this political madness I fear we are going to have serious problems for many years to come.
  17. What glue did you use the reason I ask is if the vent is meant to be taken out if required then you may have a problem removing it in the future. They normally have some gasket so hope you didn't use superglue.
  18. I think a lot of the problem is growing up in an era when prices changed very little in comparison to today. The amount of increase on all items we buy has risen so quickly and always blamed on some other reason then total mismanagement of economies. I don't believe those born in the 50s and 60s have ever experienced such high rises in the cost of living. It seems evident that whoever we vote in to govern the country either conservative or labour, they all manage to ruin the economy one way or another. I do believe we need a totally different approach to how we vote these people in . Proportional representation must be allowed to happen and we really need politicians that do what we vote them in to do and not serve themselves.😠
  19. Hi Adam, Welcome, lots of good advice when you need it and always welcome when you give it
  20. Hi Roy, After reading about franchise petrol stations my understanding is that they are sold petrol at a fraction of pence price, not 2p or more but zero percentages. However an example of the cost to start a petrol station.The franchise fee for example a BP Connect store in the UK is approximately Β£20,000. On top of that, you will need to have around Β£800,000 in liquid investment for running costs until you become profitable. A total investment of around Β£2,000,000 is expected, including the high cost of the land and your shop outfit. BP does not offer financial services. It obviously isn't cheap to set up by any means so I assume those that do must have significant resources behind them. It will no doubt take some time to recoup costs. I guess when you look at this it does demand high returns. This may not just be the petrol station overcharging but a must on there part in order to pay overhead. I can therefore only point the high costs of fuel at the money markets and oil producers. if anyone has an opinion or better knowledge then what I have read I would be interested to learn from them.
  21. Can anyone explain why there is such a big disparity with prices around the country. Was there ever such a big difference between various petrol stations.🍌🀬
  22. This issue has been around for years, the ability to unlock and start cars via hacking will continue no matter how smart electronic car systems become. For every piece of coded software there will aways be a backdoor for hackers to infiltrate. Sophisticated remote signalling allows easy bypasses to the cars ECU and to disable alarm systems. This software has been out there for a long time if you know where to look and is frequently updated as the cars software gets upgraded. I know it isn't comforting but it is the reality of modern systems. Main frame computer's are hacked every day regardless of the most sophisticated firewalls. So if you look at this with an open mind you see just how easy it is to hack these small car alarm and immobiliser systems . If a car thiefs wants your car they will .😠
  23. Yes you are right I forgot most of these stations are franchised hence different prices. However I thought franchises would have a fixed price policy in line with shells set price. If they do not then every shell garage could mark there own price up to what they want and would this not make shell uncompetitive with others in the market and lower there profits.πŸ€”
  24. Lots of talk about the prices will drop quicker now.😊
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