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  1. Hi Parts-King, Thank you for the clarification of the oil needing 5W-30 C3 oil. I take it from the diagram the oil filter is at the top of the engine and can it be undone easily with hand tools or does it require a special Toyota oil filter removal tool?
  2. Hi Phillip 42H, In terms of the oil being hard to find I meant finding it on the internet at a decent price for a branded or OEM oil that was C2 compliant. From what you are saying in regards to the Toyota PFE 5W-30 1WW 2WW I found a WW engine maintenance page on the Toyota website and it says the following. The WW engine requires a specific oil to be used for optimum engine requirements and performance. Oil to be used: 5W-30 1WW/2WW Premium Fuel Economy Oil may be topped up with: 5W-30 1WW/2WW Premium Fuel Economy Note : A list of equivalent oils is available at the dealer. ACEA C3 Oils that should not be used: TGMO 5W30 (most common) C2-10 C3-10 Note : Always replace the oil filter when changing the oil. Toyota part numbers: 1 Litre 08880-83477 5 Litre 08880-83478 208 Litre 08880-83479 I wouldn't want to disagree with anyone on here as it is my first time owning a Toyota and first time posting on here as well but just want peace of mind that if I want to go and do it myself I have the right oil as my last car was fine with branded oil as it had a specific ford code and as long as it met that code it was fine to use. But from all accounts this BMW engine is a lot more delicate. I am just after reassurance I have the right oil and where the oil filter is located :)
  3. Hi Parts-King, The link below is the official Toyota for engine oil and what should be used. But as Phillip 42H says I can find the 5W-30 C2 oil from Castrol or does it need to be a 5W-30 BMW C2 oil? https://www.toyota-europe.com/service-and-accessories/service-and-maintenance/toyota-ww-engine-maintenance
  4. Welcome to Toyota Owners Club - Toyota Forum. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. Why not introduce yourself in the New Members section.

  5. Hi Kos_ta, I am aware of this and I am considering it especially that it covers glow plugs, starter motor and turbo (The latter no doubt they’ll claim wear and tear). It’s just in case I decide not to go with the extra warranty which is only 10,000 miles or 12 months not 12,500 or 12 months. Either way I have my oil changed every 6000 miles or 6 months what ever comes first.
  6. Hi Phillip42H, Thank you for your reply. It just seems quite odd that it requires C2 but is not as common as the C3. I put my reg into Halfords website and it comes up with the BMW Long Life (LL) oil but I will keep an eye out on the C2 CASTROL oil though. I will speak to the dealership and see what they say for definite and get the Toyota oil from EBay or CASTROL from Costco.
  7. Good morning, I have a 2017 Toyota Rav 4 2.0D Diesel engine manual. The car is still under warranty but once the warranty has ended next year I am looking at having a go at doing my oil change. From what I understand this engine is a revised BMW N47 engine. Is the oil filter on the top of the engine or at the bottom of the engine and do I need a special oil filter tool to remove it? Also, the oil in the handbook say 5W-30 C2 oil but I am struggling to find this oil but can easily find 5W-30 C3 oil. Can anyone assist me with the correct oil filter location and whether I need a special tool and what is the correct rating for my car. I cannot find any Toyota Rav 4 2.0D engine oil changes only the old 2.2 and the petrol 2.5 engine. I have seen a few Toyota Avensis 2.0D but these look different to my engine bay on you tube. Any help especially with any pictures would be really appreciated. Pictures attached for your reference. Many thanks, Ross
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