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  1. Thanks for your help. So would you replace the DA first, then see if that sorts the nav and BT issues, and if not I'll need to replace the MEU as well?
  2. Tried this but nothing happened when I pressed and held the power button. Failure diagnosis screen still glitching. Does this mean more likely to be a faulty DA?
  3. Thanks. Just tried this but I'm getting a glitchy screen that doesn't seem to be doing anything after a good 5 mins. Hopefully you can see attached video. MOV_2098.mp4
  4. Thank you both, so what you have described is a way of eliminating which Bluetooth unit (DA or MEU) is at fault and can then work out which part I need to replace. The auto electrician who looked at it initially did seem to do similar things to what you described so will ask him initially whether he managed to narrow it down to a fault with the DA or MEU
  5. Nothing happens when the map nav button is pressed and Bluetooth is not working (as well as the phone buttons on steering wheel). Radio is fine. Auto electrician says Bluetooth module has broken. The item I've been looking into is product code 86140-0D020 which I thought was the display header unit with the nav and Bluetooth module integrated into it? Or is that not the case?
  6. Thanks, so a suitable replacement unit from say ebay would have the satnav feature already loaded onto it?
  7. I need to replace the Touch and Go unit in my 2012 Yaris but the replacement unit is unlikely to be supplied with the code to activate the satnav. Does anyone know if this code is available from Toyota dealers if I provide the serial number of the unit, and if so if there is a fee for them to provide it? Also is an additional code needed for the radio part of the unit as well? Many thanks
  8. Hi I have a 2012 Yaris VVT-i TR with satnav. Recently the 'map nav' button has stopped working, as well as the phone buttons on the steering wheel to access the phone feature. I have also tried to access the phone feature through the setup menu and when I press either the bluetooth and telephone button nothing happens. I have tried running a fail diagnostic test (system check) by pressing the car button and turning lights on and off 3 times but hasn't worked. Radio is fine and 'car' button is fine. Chip gone or loose connection somewhere? Any help appreciated, thanks
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