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  1. The older Prius was slow and not the best looking car in the world, the latest one looks great has the performance to match but Toyota UK seem to lack the commercial common sense to realise that it is a very different beast this time. They should give it a go, much better looking than the rather boring Corolla in my opinion. Just don't understand Toyota UK decisions they say SUVs and crossovers are the in thing in the UK but then fail to offer even the Corolla Cross?! Not sure they understand the local market.
  2. I know at least 8 people that have emailed Toyota UK, not sure if it is closed ears though. This Prius looks great so much nicer than the Corolla
  3. Some initial information indicates the base Gen 5 Prius will be around 28kUSD this is cheaper than the Corolla here. Base Corolla in US is also less than 23kUSD. UK buyers are being completely fleeced when it comes to prices
  4. It is a huge own goal, when I replace the current vehicle in the next 18 months to 2 years will look to import one if not for sale here
  5. Absolutely have done this! Another person I know that wants one also has. Likely will not make an impact but all those that would be interested in this great looking car should do the same!
  6. Incredibly disappointing this is not coming to the UK
  7. Apparently revealed in Japan around the 16th or 17th. Just hope ground clearance is a little more than the Gen4. Good news is that the same excellent engine will be in the range amongst other more powerful options. See here:
  8. Not a great price I nearly bought one just before it was discontinued brand new in Dec 2021 the new Carwow price for a Business Edition Plus model in metallic paint was £25200. Wait time was quoted as 6 months plus though so bought something else
  9. An update the vehicle is rejected and it is planned a new order will be submitted shortly. Still NO apology from Toyota despite the likely 6 month wait due to the original order being not fit for purpose. In review Toyota customer services have needed constant chasing and fallen well short of what was expected from the brand. If the new replacement vehicle has silly defects will abandon the brand and probably purchase a decade old Ford in which such paint defects would be fine
  10. Very small marks to be polished out I see as being acceptable but not steel that can be seen. All previous vehicles ordered from other manufacturers have been fine. This is the first Toyota ordered and for sure the last
  11. Toyota customer services have refused and rejected my request for a new vehicle to be constructed and left it up to the dealer to resolve. Not what I expected from them. Here is another showing a scratch that has gone through the lacquer. Look towards bottom right of the image. Dealer is doing all they can but disgusted with Toyota UK
  12. Raised dot now shows exposed undercoat or more likely steel, it is believed it is actual steel. Refused to accept the vehicle and Toyota customer services now involved. Scratch on front bumper still present. Have declined the car to be repainted and it is now up in the air.
  13. Does anyone know if dealers are using the 0w8 out of interest? It seems to not be a very commonly used oil
  14. Dealer claims raised dot that appears to be under the paint had been polished out! All defects allegedly sorted with a machine polish. Will have a look at the vehicle tomorrow and likely request a full indepdent paint inspection. Somewhat suspicious that it could be resolved without painting the vehicle in some way.
  15. Very disappointing not sure how this can easily be resolved without a new car not handed over or registered yet having paintwork done. Toyota have big issues if a car with a small bubble in the paint can be signed off by the factory in France. Then go to the factory at Derbyshire and be signed off again. Quite surprised this would be seen as acceptable. Will be asking Toyota for an independent paint inspection on the vehicle
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