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  1. Trying to clear space out of my lockup, so I'm getting rid of all the Mk3 Supra stuff I have. Selling it as one lot. There's all sort of stuff in there. Off the top of my head, some of the bits are: 2 x N/A cylinder heads w/valves few cam covers 1 or more starters alternator(s) pair of mirrors. front windscreen 2 rear quarter windows. bits and bobs from the heater system Blue cloth interior, door cards, rear quarter trim and dashboard, think I have 2 sets of dial units as well various pieces of pipework from the engine '88 ECU wiper motors rear spats (ones that go in front of rear wheels) sump (possibly a pair, in fact) I think there's also a set of pistons bunch of other such stuff too, can't remember exactly what, never got round to sifting through it all. As I said, it's all going as one, need the space. I'm in Port Glasgow on the west coast of Scotland. Turn up with £120 and a van, and you can have the lot.
  2. I had to settle for the 'baby', a 32 GTS type-M. It's painted in house of Kolor kandy red, de-spoilered and has a veilside C1 kit. Stage 1 mods on the engine, although in the summer I'm going to look to picking up either an RB25 or 26 and getting it converted. I was looking at GTR's at first, but spotted this locally. Went to see it and fell in love with it, so I'm well chuffed.
  3. I've gone over to the dark side, and sold my Mk3 and bought a Skyline. I now have a garage full of random spares, so once I get pics and whatnot done, I'll be sticking a few bits in the for sale section, so if anyone is after anything in specific for an N/A, keep an eye out. Got a blue cloth interior I'm punting too. front/back seats, door cards and dashboard. Hopefully I'll get my lazy ar*e round to getting it all up soon.
  4. Here's a link for Xbox Connect: Link And here's another prog called Xlink Kai, which does the same, but also supports other consoles as well: Link
  5. Yeah, Toyota really made sure the damn thing was attatched right. Probably be less hassle just buying a whole new car that already has a badge. :P
  6. I think the top section of the nose cones needs to come off to get at them too.
  7. The front bumper looks very much to be the Extreme Dimensions Vader one. Link Side skirts look like Erebuni's, although the duct at the back seems a bit smaller Link I think those back spats might be the Veilside (Or Veilside-style copies).
  8. Hi Jon, they're still available. Drop me a PM at some point and we can sort out the details.
  9. Looks like the lovechild of an R34 and a 350z, and I reckon it looks quite tasty indeed: Link
  10. I have a set of clear sidelights/indicators, and US/Japspec rear-running lights for sale. Indicators were on my car for a few months, but are still in near-new condition, and will come with the required pair of orange bulbs. The rear running lights are for US and Japanese models that have the red lights on the rear quarter trim. I bought them to convert them to use as front side repeaters, by using a spare set of headlight bulb holders, but I never got round to doing it, so they're still brand new, unused, and in their packets. I bought them from the States last year for altogether about 90 quid or thereabouts. Looking for £40 for them, plus about £7 for postage(47 all in, according to my abacus, which was confirmed by my toes), which will be recorded special delivery. Oh, should add these are for the facelift front end only. (Post title got clipped too, should say '56k'rs take note') Pics:
  11. I have a DMS4 S.E Lite Playstation 2 chip for sale. It allows you to play backup and import games without the need for a swap disc (Although it doesn't support .elf files or homebrew as it's the lite version). Can be used with any PS2 model, V1-14, slimline or full fat. It's never been installed and is brand new. Cost £34, selling for £23, which includes recorded delivery post costs.
  12. MarkMcQ

    Mk3 Ecu's

    Engine warning light has started to come on at random times, and after running a diagnostics check, it turned out 4 different codes. 24, 31, 41 and 52, if I recall. The one thing they all have in common is ECU is one of the listed causes for each. So I have a spare one in the garage and I want to try and see if it cures the problem. Rather annoying as I'd just put the car up for sale, and it goes and does this. I guess it just grew attatched to me and didn't want to leave........
  13. Just gone off for the first adverts, and I refuse to watch the rest. Who the hell is Tim Lovejoy, a man who, at the start of the show confessed he 'knows nothing about cars'. Awesome. I'm sure football fans would be as thrilled if Paul O'Grady started hosting their shows. I lost interest after the small segment about the Evo, where Jeremy raced a plane. Oops, sorry, meant Tiff, but it's hard to tell these days, since they're intent on ripping TG off at every opportunity. Only a matter of time before Jason Potato gets a poodle perm, tight jeans and starts ripping on VBH for having her teeth whitened...
  14. MarkMcQ

    Mk3 Ecu's

    Would there be any issues with replacing the ECU in a '90 Manual N/A, with one from an 88 manual N/A?
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